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Updated 14/02/2024 (2 months ago)
NameDW Contacts & Phone & SMS APK
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Introduce MOD APK DW Contacts & Phone & SMS

Usually, when users want to text, they will have to access the SMS application; if they’re going to make a call, they must access the Phone application to dial a number, and if they’re going to add a new contact to the device, they will have to access the application. Contacts to manipulate. So what if all those apps were integrated, and users could do everything from texting and calling to adding new connections simultaneously? With DW Contacts & Phone & SMS, the users’ wish will come true; only one application, but users can perform all communication functions here. And even the features it brings can overwhelm users because DW Contacts & Phone & SMS is more than a typical communication application.

Thanks to the appearance of this application, the user’s texting, calling, and adding new contacts will no longer have any obstacles or difficulties. More specifically, if the user has to change to a new device, there is no problem; every reference in the application can be transferred to any device the user wants, ensuring no connection will be lost. Where is lost?

DW Contacts Phone SMS mod androdi

Download DW Contacts & Phone & SMS mod – Integrate all communication functions

DW Contacts & Phone & SMS is a powerful application that can replace applications such as SMS, Phone, and Contacts in the user’s device. Instead of accessing each application to manipulate each job individually, users can now integrate these three functions easily. With DW Contacts & Phone & SMS, users can add new contacts comfortably without worrying about running out of memory. To distinguish contacts from each other, change the avatar or set appropriate nicknames. Love. All the features that users need are here, and even more exciting new features can significantly assist users in their daily lives.

DW Contacts Phone SMS mod apk free

Perfect communication app

DW Contacts & Phone & SMS users will enjoy great utilities not all communication applications have. This app can easily search all contact fields from notes, addresses, emails, etc. Users can also divide contacts into groups of contacts for easier management and exploration, such as School, Company, Relatives, and Close friends. Not only that, but users can also create reminders based on their connections to remind them of important events. With DW Contacts & Phone & SMS, users need to click on any link, and the system will automatically display detailed information such as SMS, call history, notes, events and tasks. Fully related.

DW Contacts Phone SMS mod apk

Many new features

DW Contacts & Phone & SMS will still carry the basic features of the communication app, but with it comes many other new features, such as adjusting the dial’s height for easy one-handed operation or having unlimited storage capacity. Users can track business progress through call history. And DW Contacts & Phone & SMS also allows users to record each call to easily remember the content they exchanged, an excellent feature for business people. With this application, spam contacts will not be able to disturb users because it has security by a firewall, which helps to identify the identity of the incoming call. In addition to the alarm, DW Contacts & Phone & SMS also reads out the ID and contact name so that users know who is trying to call them.

DW Contacts Phone SMS mod android free

Convenient messaging tool

The messaging tool of DW Contacts & Phone & SMS is also a big plus when it brings a lot of support to users. It still has the main features of SMS but has been improved to become much more flexible and fun, promising to bring extremely smooth messaging experiences. Users will no longer need to worry about sending messages on time with DW Contacts & Phone & SMS’s messaging scheduling feature. Not only that, but this application also helps users connect more with relationships when automatically sending love messages when their anniversaries or birthdays come. And instead of manually sending messages to each person, DW Contacts & Phone & SMS allows users to select a list of contacts and send a batch without effort.

DW Contacts Phone SMS mod

DW Contacts & Phone & SMS has a flexible interface that allows users to customize fonts, colours, and layouts according to personal preferences. Downloading DW Contacts & Phone & SMS mod makes sending messages, calling and adding new contacts easier with just a single contact application on the device.

How to Download & Install DW Contacts & Phone & SMS APK for Android


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