Drift Max MOD APK (Unlimited money) 11.9

Updated 04/02/2024 (4 weeks ago)
NameDrift Max APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Drift Max

Drift Max is an exciting new car racing game. The game has brought a very interesting experience about the traditional racing game genre. Surely you have seen famous movies like Fast and furious, need for speed, … As a speed enthusiast, you cannot ignore Drift Max. The game will reproduce in detail the scorched crabs. With extremely cool steering moves that you still think only professional racers can do. Now you can create such epic streaks with Drift Max. Experience the feeling of driving powerful famous cars.

Drift Max is designed with extremely sharp and detailed 3D graphics. The game will bring an extremely eye-catching visual feeling. The tracks in the game are set in real life. In the game, there are a series of famous car models. In particular, you can also design for yourself a car as you like. Affirm your personal style through the vehicle you are driving. The game allows you to manually change colours, rims, tires, tail wind, stamps, … depending on your preferences. Download Drift Max mod to create yourself a horse and start the race right away. Drift Max World is another game by this publisher. If you want to ride behind a motorbike, try Motorsport Manager Mobile 3.

Drift Max mod

Download Drift Max mod – Affirm excellent steering wheel

Unlike conventional racing games that mainly require the speed and power of the car. At Drift Max, you need to rely largely on skills to master the steering wheel. For winding and winding roads, what you need is the technique, not speed. A game that requires careful manipulation to avoid collisions. Wind through curves with dramatic turns and brakes. The game also requires you to complete each race to unlock new tracks. See beautiful sceneries set up like real life. The difficulty of the race will also be raised gradually with each unlocks.

Drift Max mod free

New gameplay

With new gameplay that does not collide with any racing game. Drift Max will feel very different about a racing game unique. Instead of plugging neck racing like other racing games. Your job in the game is to surf the winding roads. Control and balance the vehicle to avoid colliding with fences or obstacles. The score will be calculated based on the distance you start to brake. The game also incorporates gravity touch feature. You can also recline your phone in turns. Or even more interesting is to mount the phone on a simulated handlebar and immerse yourself in this gas-smelling world.

Drift Max mod apk

Promote personal creativity

In the garage, you can unleash creating your favourite car models. You can change the paint colour as you like, apply more cool stamp patterns. Replace or upgrade the brake system. Attached to the car the system of undercarriage lights, changed the rearview mirror. You can even decorate the windshield. Changing the rim and tire, renewing the wind steering … Upgrading the power of the car through the engine block. The store also has a lot of cool stuff. Models are also ranked by strength and speed over 5 levels. You need to do quests or earn money through each race to own them. The game also has a ranking system for you to compete with other players.

Drift Max mod download

Real race tracks

With the top-notch 3D graphics that created realistic racing scenes. The tracks are set in real life. A lot of diverse maps such as city, F1 race, desert, highway … All created scenes are familiar to each player. The detailed and meticulous design of vehicles for the sharp and glossy image. All brought players into the world of the game. Bring thrills, suspense, and excitement on every race track. Discovering and unlocking more new map areas will also help you experience more new tracks.

Drift Max mod android

Drift Max is a racing game with a completely new style. For those who are passionate about speed and have top skills, Drift Max is the best choice. Unleash your own creativity in cars. Show great racing skills with friends around the world. Or simply release stress after stressful working hours. Download Drift Max mod transforms into a real racer to conquer all fierce races.

How to Download & Install Drift Max MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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