Dragons Evolution MOD APK 2.4.7 (Active Boost)

Updated on 26/12/2022 (1 month ago)
NameDragons Evolution APK
PublisherOctopus Games LLC
MOD FeaturesActive Boost
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Dragon is an ancient and powerful creature found only in fantasy. Dragons Miracle Collection brings images of dragons appeared in the vast vast sky. Appears extremely majestic in books about medieval times. These creatures possess many abilities such as spitting fire and flying. Only those who truly deserve it can tame these dangerous creatures. Are you the right person to raise them? In addition, Dear My Cat or Bhop GO can also make you fall in love with the innovative gameplay system.

On a fairy island where huge dragons flourished. They need someone who can take care of them and help them evolve stronger. Bring back an era of prosperous and growing dragons. A 3D graphics are not fussy but very eye-catching and bright. The dragons are shaped cute and close. Very simple and classic gameplay with extremely interesting and unique features. You will experience a vast world with dragons flying around. Each play will be a time to forget the tiring days. Get to know the beautiful dragons and watch them grow up. Own yourself strange pets.

Dragons Evolution mod apk free

Download Dragons Evolution mod – Help dragon evolves powerfully

Coming to the vast and magical land of dragons in Dragons Miracle Collection, you will be free to explore. Your goal here is to evolve your dragons. The rules of the game are very simple, pairing two dragons of the same level to form a higher level dragon. Turn your collection into a place for powerful dragons. You don’t need any fancy and complicated operations. Just interact with Dragons Evolution through swipe and touch gestures. You can manage your dragon camp wherever you are. Make your dragon camp more and more powerful. Find strange dragon patterns that have never appeared in this cute game.

Dragons Evolution mod download

Hundreds of Dragons

Since this is the world of dragons, of course, there will be a lot of dragons living here. Hundreds of powerful dragons with countless different shapes. Each dragon evolved will become more new and interesting. Get yourself a diverse collection with these legendary creatures. Discover a variety of strange and adorable dragons at each level. You can find new dragons by opening the eggs. Either choose in the store to purchase the same dragons. Serve your dragon evolution more smoothly. When you unlock a new dragon level, the previous level will appear in the shop allowing you to scale.

Dragons Evolution mod android

Explore mysterious lands

There will be many mysterious lands in Dragons Evolution waiting for you to explore. The mysterious islands can be mentioned as dragon islands and monster islands and other dragon islands. This place hides creatures that you have never seen before. Look for the necessary materials for yourself in these places. Collect potential dragons and ferocious monsters to serve your purpose. Scale your farm to these islands. Make it a place where dragons can multiply and flourish. Gives you more money to keep upgrading. Along with that is the discovery of the hidden mysteries here.

Dragons Evolution mod apk

Play with friends

Playing any game requires friends to be really fun, right? Dragons Evolution also features fighting alongside other players. You will be able to connect with lots of players around the world who are online. Fight with them in a tournament of powerful dragon breeders. Use your strongest dragon to defeat them and bring back the reward. The rewards for the winners will be extremely valuable. Thereby stimulating your passion for fighting. Get to know a lot of friends all over the place. Exchange and chat with them, exchange experiences. Learn lots of fun and become a strong community.

Dragons Evolution mod free

Is your earning progress in Dragons Evolution not as fast as expected? Join the exciting events and features in the game now. This will help you earn even more money with the new dragons. Attend attendance every day to receive many valuable gifts. Join mini-games to optimize the amount of money earned in a day. If you work hard, you can become a dragon giant with a lot of money in hand. Download now Dragons Evolution to own a diverse dragon farm right away. Unleash your dragons to become powerful and terrible. Make a lot of money to expand your scale bigger.

Download Dragons Evolution MOD APK (Active Boost) for Android

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