DRAGON VILLAGE MOD APK (Unlimited money, resources) 15.0

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For pet lovers, take the time to read through this article. You will be known for a brand new pet game DRAGON VILLAGE MOD APK (Unlimited money, resources) The special thing here is that not ordinary animals, you will raise real dragons. Let them grow up and form a bustling and happy community. Not only that but also summon the most powerful dragons. Compete against each other to find the legendary dragon-fighting champion. Are you ready to raise dragons right now? Please follow every detail that I say.

Surely you will find this genre quite familiar to many people. Typically, the two games Dragon City and Monster Legend have created a non-stop fever. Now back to DRAGON VILLAGE APK 15.0, you will do the same thing but in a completely new way. Incubate colorful eggs so that they hatch the most beautiful dragons. Then raise them up and let them live in the city built with your own hands. Wouldn’t it be extremely interesting to see a dragon society operating under your control or later?


Download DRAGON VILLAGE APK mod – Manage your own dragon town

Let’s start with the first buildings, where you will hatch your first dragon eggs. The first eggs will have a very fast incubation time. Soon you’ve got yourself a cute and adorable baby dragon. The next thing is to put it in the right habitat. Depending on which element, the dragon will be put into the correct environment. I can’t let an ice dragon live in a fire environment, can I? Okay, the next thing is to feed them food to grow and grow. Maturity will depend on the level, the higher the level, the larger the dragon size will be.

Based on such a mechanism, you can hatch and produce hundreds of different dragons. Not to mention the very attractive dragon breeding function that I will talk about later. First of all, you have dozens of new dragons that will be unlocked continuously according to the level. Depending on their rarity or special, the incubation time will vary. Some will take only a few minutes, but some will take a few days to a whole month. But be patient because you will receive a well-deserved reward compared to what you have been waiting.

DRAGON VILLAGE mod download

Collect lots of rare dragons

Each dragon possesses a different type of element in nature. And their habitat is also different. Actively collect as many dragon eggs as you can through quests, unlocking levels and special hidden quests. More than just incubating eggs and hatching a variety of dragons. You can even cross mature dragons with each other. To create more dragon species with extremely unique and rare elements. Of course, their incubation time will be very long compared to an element. But a dragon can have up to 4 to 5 elements at a time. And can live in all environments of the element it possesses.


Build important works

Indispensable in a town of dragons is key buildings. A place that provides resources and interesting game modes for you. First, we need to prioritize upgrading the incubator building, then building environments for dragons to live in. Next, we need to supplement food with special food farms for dragons. Not an only building, but you can upgrade to make them more effective. This would be very beneficial for the expansion of the dragon town’s territory at higher levels.

Prove your dragon is the strongest

How to make people recognize you as the most professional dragon breeder. Probably the majority will come from the arena area, where players let dragons confront each other directly. You choose the 3 strongest dragons you have and enter the arena. Here you will confront other players or the machine system. Depending on your level and title, you will receive a lot of attractive rewards. Sometimes it will be a lot of money, food, or even a rare dragon egg. Now, do you feel confident to win every one?

DRAGON VILLAGE mod android

And that’s all I can say about DRAGON VILLAGE MOD APK in the most general way for you to grasp. Although only with a very simple and relaxing way to play. In particular, it brings a strange attraction to gamers who love idleness. You might as well be one of them if you’re a pet lover. Download DRAGON VILLAGE mod apk today to collect the most powerful dragons together.

How to Download & Install DRAGON VILLAGE MOD APK (Unlimited money, resources) for Android


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