Dragon Battle MOD APK (Unlimited money, resources) 15.0

Updated 02/01/2024 (5 months ago)
NameDragon Battle APK
PublisherTap Pocket
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, resources
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Dragon Battle

All of us have certainly heard of tales about dragons. Or mythical movies featuring dragons flying in the sky. They are the most powerful and powerful creatures on Earth. Breathing can spit fire and burn everything. You have also dreamed of riding powerful dragons and flying across the sky. Come right to Dragon Battle to fulfill your dreams, owning the cutest and most powerful dragons by yourself.

Pet games are now popular in the market. Offers a lot of fun for those who like and want to keep pets. But keeping dogs and cats in games has become all too common. Want a more special and groundbreaking game? Then raising dragons in Dragon Battle is for you. Lets you experience the feeling of raising adorable dragons with your own hands. Turn them into powerful warriors. With sharp, detailed 3D graphics and shaping cute dragons. You will have to feel attracted to what the game gives you. Makes you forget about your every day worries.

Dragon Battle free

Download Dragon Battle mod – Raise powerful dragons

Coming to the world of Dragon Battle you will become a dragon trainer. Your task now is to raise adorable baby dragons. Turn them into powerful dragon warriors to be able to fight. To be able to raise dragons you will not need complicated controls. Just interact with the features via the touchscreen by tapping and swiping. Raising a dragon is like keeping a dog and a cat, but it gets a little more complicated. You will have to choose a place to live, incubate eggs, and use appropriate foods for each baby. Witness the process they grow each day and mature strongly thanks to their care.

Dragon Battle download

Collect exotic dragons

Because it is a dragon breeding game, Dragon Battle will definitely have dragons for you to raise. There will be hundreds of dragons with different shapes for you to freely choose and own. Each dragon will have its own elements such as fire, water, tree, earth,… Each dragon will have its own advantages and disadvantages. Players need to grasp this in order to gain an edge in dragon battles. You can own these adorable dragons by owning dragon eggs. Dragon eggs can be purchased or spawned by the dragon. Raise them up to maturity by feeding them, finding a suitable place for them. They will gradually mature and become stronger.

Dragon Battle mod

Fight to destroy the enemy

Once your dragons in Dragon Battle have reached a certain maturity, they are ready. This is when you can have them fight each other in the arena. To take advantage of this battlefield you will have to be a smart and discerning player. Knowing the pros and cons of the opponent’s dragon is the way to win. Dragons had different elements and they could be countered in the wild. Take advantage of this point to be able to arrange a reasonable dragon formation to fight. Each dragon will have their own special skill. Use these special skills properly in the match to give your advantage.

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Crossbreeding dragons

If you want to own very special dragons for yourself, that’s easy too. Come to the Dragon Battle re-feature. With this feature, you will be able to cross two different dragons to create a new dragon. Dragon hybrids between these two types will carry a separate element and power. Not only that, it will own a unique shape. You can unleash all kinds of dragons together and create a new species. Make your dragon collection more diverse with unique dragons. A collection of rare and rare dragons. Discover new dragons with an unrivaled large and powerful appearance.

Dragon Battle mod apk

Grow your dragon

To grow your dragon farm even bigger in Dragon Battle, you need a strategy. Upgrade housing for dragons to have more accommodation for dragons of the same element and increase your number of dragons. Build lots of dragon food farms and upgrade them to produce more products. Take your dragon to battle and complete the game’s missions. That is the optimal way to earn a lot of resources to be able to upgrade your farm. Download and experience Dragon Battle mod now to become a talented dragon trainer. Enjoy owning the cutest and most powerful dragons for you.

How to Download & Install Dragon Battle MOD APK (Unlimited money, resources) for Android


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2 years ago

Good work. Please keep it up. You have nicely explained the gameplay in detail. Can you please provide the mod for dragon mania legends mod apk Thank you

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