Drag’n’Boom MOD APK 1.2.0 (Unlimited Money)

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NameDrag’n’Boom APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Control baby dragons through adulthood and find treasure in Drag’n’Boom. Each obstacle will prevent you from controlling each dragon to overcome the challenge in the game. Along with that, many opponents spread throughout the journey to challenge the dragons to grow up. The dragons you control will not fear difficulties but use their senses to fight. A world full of magic awaits your baby dragons ahead to explore. You can now control creatures that seem to only appear in fairy tales. Continually overcome obstacles with the ability of each dragon and participate in battles in a new world.

The dragons’ sanctity was inviolable, and the enemies made that mistake. The greedy lords invaded the sacred land of dragons and destroyed it. They stole the treasure that the dragons accumulated, and the mother dragon was injured after the battle. Each child of the dragon mother needs to continue the fighting tradition of the dragon mother by fighting. Dragons must also get stronger over time and eliminate the protective dragon mother. The growth of baby dragons requires many challenges, and this is the most incredible opportunity. Lead each dragon on the journey to adulthood and regain the longstanding dignity of dragons.

DragnBoom android

Download Drag’n’Boom mod – Control the dragons to find the lost thing

The greed of the lords made them act at their wildest without thinking. They have plundered all their wealth, and now they are looking for new sources of wealth. And they also thought of the abode of the dragon, a powerful creature from ages past. The lords succeeded in retrieving the vast treasure in the inventory and injuring the dragon’s mother. But the dragon’s sanctity was destroyed, and the baby dragons had to take revenge. Baby dragons are immature, but their anger is not only a few people can resist. The dragons need you to lead the way and find everything the lords have taken.

DragnBoom mod

Stolen treasure

The dragons in your hand will not attack the human world without reason. That’s because greedy lords always seek ways to collect wealth in this world. The things that dragons attack are not innocent people but the lord’s minions. Baby dragons are constantly faced with complex challenges, and their mother is always supportive. The help from the person who gave birth to them will help them overcome difficulties growing up. You will shoulder the task of the dragons, and that is to find their treasure and sanctuary. Protect each dragon and be ready to take them through any challenges that stand in their way.

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Maturity challenge

You will join the incredible journey where you control dragons towards the human world. It’s not just a time for dragons to explore new worlds but also full of challenges. Each mode you control the dragon will help you set each record with the sacred dragons. And each dragon also has its fighting skill during the journey to destroy the lord. You can strengthen your dragon with upgraded equipment and excellent skills. Make your dragon more mature through battles and control its power. Grow the dragon you control and become strong enough to find the dragon’s treasure.

DragnBoom apk

Destroy the lord’s castle

A dragon surrounded by flames will now be yours to control and take on the challenge. The palatial castles of the lords were only the appearance of a miserable life for the people. Each lord always sought to collect all the riches to enrich themselves. The treasure your dragons kept is now also stolen, and you must find it again. Embark on this journey as a dragon and destroy each lord’s fortress. The gold coins that fall are from the dragon’s treasure, and try to collect them. Destroy the castle soldiers and witches sought by the lord to destroy the castle.

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Humans have destroyed a world where dragons live peacefully. Those greedy lords aimed for the long-held treasures of the sacred dragons. The dragons’ lives have been turned upside down, and their sanctity has been destroyed by greed. The dragons need your guidance to find the treasure and the honor. The challenge of growing up for each dragon is the lord’s castle. This place is full of challenges for dragons; you need to control them to overcome difficulties. Download Drag’n’Boom mod to guide dragons through problems to grow up and find what belongs to them.

Download Drag’n’Boom MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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