Dog Scanner MOD APK (Premium unlocked) 12.15.4-G

Updated 06/01/2023 (9 months ago)
NameDog Scanner APK
PublisherSiwalu Software GmbH
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce Dog Scanner MOD APK

There are many breeds of dogs appearing around us, but categorizing them is difficult. Don’t worry because Dog Scanner is your special assistant in this regard. Turn your phone into a state-of-the-art scanner. It can help the user know what type a dog might be. Quickly handle and distinguish many different species with fascinating tricks. Start testing everything near you today.

Educational applications have always contributed significantly to enriching our life knowledge. Dog Scanner users also get the same benefits. It has received many rave reviews for its reliability. The way it works and works very precisely will make you satisfied. Create as many benefits as needed whenever you have a need related to dogs. Dog lovers should not ignore this.

Dog Scanner mod

Download Dog Scanner mod – Quickly search and detect the breed of dog you need

Dogs are friends who always accompany many families around the world. Each country has its typical dog species with many types and colours. Such diversity will make us confused and unable to understand their characteristics. Let Dog Scanner do this with its built-in tools. Take out your phone and put the dog you want in place of the camera. The system will scan and classify the designated dog quickly. After a while, it will give the most accurate results about the identified features. There are many things that you do not know about this lovely animal.

Exact detection

Dog Scanner is built on a brilliant and diverse database. It can detect up to 370 different dog breeds by type. These dog breeds have all been recognized and named by organizations around the world. The dogs you are looking for will be on these lists. From popular dogs like Golden Retriever, Pug, Husky to high-class ones like Chihuahua, Shiba or Bulldog. Every dog ​​species has a unique pattern that makes the system recognizable from shape, face, feet or tail. Rest assured that this will not take up your time at all.

Dog Scanner mod free

Mixed breed dog

Mixed dogs are often the result of a cross between two dog breeds that are different in some way. This makes it much more challenging to identify the breed, and we won’t know how to name it to suit reality anymore. That’s okay because Dog Scanner can also recognize these dogs. Based on the characteristics of the hair colour on the body and the structure of the elements, the system will evaluate. The result will give you the percentage of hybridization, the name and the characteristics that they have. However, if the mixed breed is unrecognizable, the system will guide you to the experts.

Collect many dog ​​breeds

You must have heard of the famous game Pokemon GO, right? Dog Scanner also has a similar working mechanism called Gamification. This feature allows you to hunt and collect images of different dogs, and all will be stored in a collection owned by you. The more new dog breeds you earn and get confirmed by the system, the higher your achievements. You can invite more of your friends to compete to see who will outperform. Moreover, users have more and more opportunities to expand their horizons in this field. How many different dogs can you find?

Dog Scanner mod apk

Join the community

Are you also a dog enthusiast and want to socialize more? Dog Scanner has an extensive community and converges many dog ​​believers. When you enter the community section, you are free to share articles expressing your views, comments and feelings. Regularly admire adorable photos of different dog breeds. Learn more about raising or recognizing dogs from experts. Show your love for dogs openly. You can filter the articles by the field that you feel interested in. You will have lots of new fun to enjoy with each passing day.

The joy of dog lovers always comes from passion and learning. Dog Scanner mod is what helps you develop this hobby quickly. Now you will become an expert who can easily recognize all the different breeds everywhere.

How to Download & Install Dog Scanner MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android

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