Dirty Crown Scandal MOD APK (Menu/Premium Choices) 1.4.0

Updated 14/04/2024 (2 days ago)
NameDirty Crown Scandal APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Premium Choices
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Dirty Crown Scandal

Dirty Crown Scandal MOD APK is where you will experience interesting interactive stories and journeys. You will meet 4 men with a very special survival goal. They want to get to know you and develop this relationship to become even closer. However, their sudden appearance makes you feel chilled and untrustworthy. And noticing your hesitation, all four men returned to their expressionless looks. That’s also when you realize you are the target they have been looking for. So you have to find out the story behind these 4 men and then solve them.

Being the target of romantic pursuit is always a proud feat. But in a new world, you will not feel this when pursued by 4 men. Instead, you will just feel scared just because you notice something unusual in their expression. Those were expressionless faces and dry voices coming from the sentences. So you don’t want to be pursued by them no matter the reason. And you will have to find out the reasons behind those men and put an end to this. Get ready for the journey of interacting with others and finding out hidden secrets.

Dirty Crown Scandal mod

Download Dirty Crown Scandal MOD APK – Discover stories when interacting with men

You will begin communicating when you meet and interact with different men. Those will be romantic stories if you know how to control their direction the way you want. However, on the contrary, it will be a disaster if you avoid and passively receive love. So, trying to change your destiny through important choices would be best. This will help you make a good impression on the people you communicate with within the story. And you can move on to more important stages like love and starting a family. Learn about strange men by starting conversations with them.

Dirty Crown Scandal apk

4 special characters

In the world of stories, you will meet 4 broken men. So it would be best to find out clearly what’s happening and causing them to become insensitive. The first character has a controlling personality and demands that you do everything according to his words. On the contrary, the second character will follow what you say when you start dating. When learning about the third character, you will realize he is very good at keeping secrets. The last character is a humorous guy who wants to conquer you. Each person has their characteristics, and learn about them in Dirty Crown Scandal MOD APK.

Dirty Crown Scandal mod apk

Make communication choices

You will learn simultaneously with 4 men whose love was once broken. They failed in their love story and are trying to mend their broken hearts. All four people meet you and want you to be the person they want to date. Therefore, to discover the story behind each person, you need to communicate and collect information. They have personalities, and you must rely on them to make appropriate communication choices. Furthermore, you can increase your emotions and move towards a closer relationship. Make appropriate communication choices during conversations with four men.

Dirty Crown Scandal free

Build your love story

In communication stories, you will learn about men’s information. And their personality will also be revealed through close and emotional interactions. So you can decide who is the most ideal date for you. Then, spend more time chatting with them so you can understand more information. Finally, make your dating status public and experience romantic moments with them. This will make your life interesting and colourful. Find out broken men and choose one of them to start your love.

Dirty Crown Scandal android

You will be the object that 4 men want to pursue for a special reason. In you, they feel their broken heart seemingly alive again. But you feel scared by their sudden appearance and actions. And you have to learn about those men in interactive stories. Thanks to that, you will be more empathetic about their situation at that time with your communication choices. You can also decide to date them and heal men’s cold hearts. Download Dirty Crown Scandal MOD APK to experience and explore love stories.

How to Download & Install Dirty Crown Scandal MOD APK (Menu/Premium Choices) for Android


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