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Go back in time to prehistoric times, when humans did not appear. This will be a long time that makes many people curious as to what happened. The most attractive are the topics about a large, dangerous species that have become extinct, the dinosaurs, which have always become a hot topic until now. The game called DINO WORLD will help you partly discover that. The game creates the best conditions for players so that you can explore everything here. Take care to let your dinosaur reach adult size. Lots of new dinosaurs species are waiting for you.

The main character of the game will always revolve around the dinosaurs, from newborn dinosaurs to adults raised by the player themselves. Collect legendary species of dinosaurs that ruled the planet millions of years ago. Complete your dinosaur collection. Discover interesting characteristics and attributes of each species. Help you somewhat have more knowledge about reptiles now extinct. Everything is here waiting for your arrival.

DINO WORLD mod android

Download DINO WORLD mod – Dinosaurs World War

DINO WORLD is set in a fantasy world in the Jurassic period, where humans live with giant animals called dinosaurs. Players must find a way to domesticate themselves and live in peace with each other. Explore a vast world filled with the roars of dinosaurs. Build a natural wonder according to your own creativity. Take care of the dinosaurs so that they become strong with strong fighting power. Get ready for every battle that’s about to break out.

The game DINO WORLD is a large world covered with large trees and rugged rock. The forests that you excavate will expand the area for you to build more. Customize and arrange everything here to your liking. Evolve everything for the better of the dinosaurs you own. Discover many new things here. Take care of dinosaurs while having exciting adventures in the land of the game DINO WORLD. Nothing is too difficult when you experience this game. In addition, breeding different strains will be exciting. You have to choose two different species, different in sex. Then put them back together. Wait and see what the new dinosaur they spawn will be like.


Diverse Dinosaurs

The game will bring the dinosaurs back. So, to own a dinosaur, you first need to have an egg. Please take it to incubate and build a suitable ecological environment for that species. Time after the eggs hatch, you bring the small dinosaur to the place you just created. So you have successfully owned a new pet for yourself. Nurture and upgrade them to increase their strength. Habitat is an important factor in raising dinosaurs. There are more than 12 different environmental factors suitable for each species. Make sure you build the right land and water for them. Otherwise, you cannot own them.

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A great war broke out

The battles in DINO WORLD are indispensable because dinosaurs are a very aggressive species. A series of battles on different maps. Create a squad of the strongest dinosaurs to fight. They will take turns supporting and attacking. Each species will have different skills depending on its element type. Describe the characteristics of each species. Differences in elements will bring a variety of strengths and skills for each species. Later on, you will meet stronger opponents. So don’t forget to increase your dinosaur’s strength.

Exciting mini-games

In addition to taking care of dinosaurs and then bringing them to fight, DINO WORLD has a small game screen called Dino Jump. Where players will control a dinosaur to overcome obstacles, achieve the highest score. You can unlock many different dinosaurs. Choose your favorite animal to use, jump over stone platforms to stay alive and keep running. A small collection is also added in DINO WORLD, where you earn the pieces together, creating a complete picture. When it’s done, you’ll get that dinosaur.


Experience interesting things in the world of DINO WORLD mod with rare dinosaurs. A variety of dinosaurs with different skills. Train and take care of them to win the battles. You can earn some gold from them. Earn lots of gold to build Jurassic wilds. Enjoy the feeling of living with large animals. Discover many new things along with exploring the magnificent, vast landscape.

How to Download & Install DINO WORLD MOD APK (Unlimited money, resources) for Android


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