Dictionary – Merriam-Webster MOD APK (Premium unlocked) 5.5.2

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NameDictionary – Merriam-Webster APK
PublisherMerriam-Webster Inc.
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MOD FeaturesPremium unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Dictionary – Merriam-Webster

Dictionaries are always an excellent tool for you to refer to and supplement your vocabulary. If you have a problem with a thick dictionary you always carry around, why not use Dictionary – Merriam-Webster. This is a famous product of the Merriam-Webster brand from the US. This American-made dictionary guarantees a vast vocabulary. All English words used from past to present are included in this online dictionary. Just enter an approximate keyword, and you will have a lot of corresponding results. Make a small contribution to your English learning process.

This exclusive application for Android is the product of the famous company Merriam-Webster. It provides a much larger number of words than the current popular dictionaries. Assist users in spelling and pronunciation of all English words. Test your ability to memorize words most often. Sometimes without an internet connection, you can still learn many new words. From there, there is no limit to your study location. You can study on the go, relax or right in your English class.

Dictionary Merriam Webster mod

Download Dictionary – Merriam-Webster mod – Convenient extended encyclopedia

For an ordinary dictionary, you will flip through many pages to find the word you want. As for Dictionary – Merriam-Webster, there is no need for such trouble. We have a search interface in the upper corner of the screen. Just type in a few letters, and it will show words with those letters inside. This saves a lot of time compared to using a standard dictionary. When we click on any word, we can hear its pronunciation immediately. There are two familiar sounds, British-American and British-British. Depending on your learning style to learn the pronunciation of different countries.

Dictionary Merriam Webster mod free

Advanced word search

That’s just the most basic and easy-to-use search. What about in case you know how to pronounce it but forget how to spell it? Very simple, use the microphone to search for that word. Click on the microphone and read aloud the word you want to find. If you’re sure you can pronounce it correctly, you’ll find the word right there. In addition to just showing the word, you can click on it to dig deeper. For example, what it means in many different cases. How to use that word in a sentence and whether there is a particular case or not. Persevere find 5 to 10 words every day. We will learn a lot of words after a while.

Dictionary Merriam Webster mod apk

Smart quiz

Dictionary – Merriam-Webster also has an excellent function for those who want to review vocabulary. Those are quick word quizzes. There are many different ways to test your ability to know how far. Choose some words and prepare to test your pronunciation, spelling, and use in your sentences. For each correct answer, points will be added, and points will be deducted for incorrect answers. Results will be released when you complete the test. Based on that, to know if you have fully memorized the words or not. If your score is high, practice with new words. If they are not very high, practice again and again to get good results.

Dictionary Merriam Webster mod apk free

Learn new words every day

If you want to work hard to learn new words every day, Dictionary – Merriam-Webster will be ready to support you. Every day this app will give you some new vocabulary. These words will not be too tricky, but there are very few words to memorize more easily. From there, you will have more motivation to continue learning without being discouraged. Synonyms and antonyms are always added when you search for any word. It makes you know a word and then finds 2 or 3 more words. Imagine you learn 100 words and have earned 200 to 300 more words. What an impressive achievement and incredibly convenient to study.

Dictionary Merriam Webster free

Provides all common words in English-speaking countries around the world. Support users to learn vocabulary exciting and straightforward. The massive vocabulary is still an excellent condition for finding Dictionary – Merriam-Webster mod for learning purposes.

How to Download & Install Dictionary – Merriam-Webster MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android


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