Demon Dungeons MOD APK 0.3683 (Unlimited money)

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NameDemon Dungeons APK
PublisherSaber Interactive Inc.
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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MOD Infomation

1. Unlimited Gold (exchange with diamonds)
2. Unlimited Diamonds

Demon Dungeons is considered a unique action role-playing game. Because it is a combination of two factors that make the name of many successful games: Roguelike and TCG; although it is only a sub-branch in the role-playing game series, roguelike brings many compliments to this game series, with a map designed as a dungeon and a level system. Players will, in turn, explore. And there will be punishments if your character is sacrificed. TCG is a little different from TCG, which is the crucial factor that brings a sense of suspense to players. Because the secret is the key to making every map game, players will be thrilled because they do not know what awaits them.

A game with unique tactical gameplay, role-playing, and turn-based moves. The character you play will be tasked with uncovering the mysteries of the dark dungeon. Fight with the most dangerous monsters, bosses with great destructive power. You will play as the angel defeat them and overcome countless dangers. Rely on clever tactics and powerful weapons to advance to the next level. The levels will be designed in closed dungeons of a specific size. Your main goal is to explore and defeat the monsters inside the jail.

Demon Dungeons mod

Download Demon Dungeons mod – Destroy enemies in dungeons

Each dungeon will be a game screen, a stage for players. You will move in turn to get close to the enemy and use moves to destroy them. But remember that your character can only move within a specific range. Not the entire space in the dungeon, with the moving mechanism according to a chessboard. After moving close to the enemy, you will use skill cards to defeat them. The maximum number of cards you can carry is ten cards, and only four are dealt randomly when you want to cast an ability. And for each used card will be replaced with another card. Players can combine tactical cards with matching the opponents. It doesn’t sound effortless, but this game has simple gameplay. You need to move and cast within the allowed range. So calculate carefully.

Demon Dungeons apkfree

Wise in how to use tactics against strong enemies

The difficulty of the dungeons will increase gradually, and corresponding to it, the monsters will be more difficult. At this point, players need to combine intelligent tactics to have a chance to win, for example, with opponents who can summon multiple mini-monsters or scatter their bodies. It would be best if you destroyed them as quickly as possible and could choose cards that can release power from afar. Or kill them right from entering the game screen. They are people who don’t care about life, just crazy killing. So players are likely to be threatened and be warier of them. Some monsters can be negated with stun or defense cards. Observe and study their weaknesses and give the appropriate battle direction.

Demon Dungeons android

Support cards

Players will have difficulty determining the strategy through the levels with the TCG element. Because They often do not know what is waiting for me on the next game screen. And the deeper into the dungeon, the greater the danger, the more and more monsters, and the more challenging it to deal with. At this time, the support cards are a powerful tool to help you win. Players can choose from a variety of fighting styles. Melee combat, distance combat, or space to control. With a melee style, earthquake cards always cause the most severe damage and accuracy. As for long-range combat, you can choose between cards that maintain distance. For example, arrows or fireballs, etc. Or, if you are a fan of space battles, using bombs or stun spells is the best choice.

Demon Dungeons apk

Areas with many unique levels

With the latest update of this game, the publisher has launched three main areas. Includes: Castle of Loneliness, Land of the Forgotten, and Valley of Hell. Each region is further divided into smaller spaces. Players can freely explore and fight monsters. Lonely Castle is known for its abandoned architecture. Cemeteries, catacombs, and churches… Skeletons rule them, and behind them are strong bosses. A forgotten land with mines, roads, and old schools are all neglected structures and inhabited by a race of warlike vampires. Unlike the two areas, the valley of hell is a land of horror. The endless road leads to suffering, the labyrinth, the tower,… Now they own the demon race. The two strongest demons that rule this place are Astaroth and Beelzebub.

Demon Dungeons mod apk

Demon Dungeons is a game that challenges the player’s courage in a war. Insidious traps, brutal enemies, one-way areas of no return. They all contain immeasurable threats to those who are not careful. Download Demon Dungeons mod to discover the mystery of the dungeon and destroy the hordes of brutal monsters on behalf of justice.

Download Demon Dungeons MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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