Conqueror girls MOD APK (Menu/Damage Multiplier/Lots of buff) 1.21.69

Updated 03/03/2024 (2 days ago)
NameConqueror girls APK
PublisherSPRING Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage Multiplier/Lots of buff
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK Conqueror girls

Conqueror girls MOD APK is where you will accompany female warriors to fight against all challenges. You will become the one who nurtures heroes and joins them in battles. These are combat missions full of danger, and you can show your leadership talent. By destroying enemies with the heroine, you will receive upgraded resources. And it would be best if you used them to help heroes improve their strength in skills and damage. When you reach peak strength, you can participate in all challenging battles. Get ready for nurturing heroes and fighting with them in the new world.

Your mission when accompanying the warrior is to help her overcome combat challenges. These are brave female warriors who possess skills as powerful as those of male heroes. So, when accompanying them, you will have completely new combat experiences. But because they are heroines, your help in facing challenges is essential. You will also demonstrate your leadership role in various activities. You and your female warrior will conquer the world by defeating all enemies. Embark on a challenging battle journey as you control your warrior in levels.

Conqueror girls mod

Download Conqueror girls MOD APK – Conquer all combat challenges with your warriors

You will become a helper to the warriors as they begin their adventure. And on their journeys of discovery, they will face many dangerous challenges. So, before getting ready for the battle levels, summon your hero. You will receive diamonds and tickets to summon free heroes when you start your journey. You can use them to find powerful characters to start the battle mission. These can be SR-level heroes; you will exploit their power with your talents. Join the world of combat challenges and start searching for the hero you’re on.

Conqueror girls apk

A team of female warriors

Heroes will have the opportunity to show off their strength when participating in battles. There, they must overcome missions to defeat enemies with the skills they have. So, as their leader, you can experience tough battles. However, it would be best if you summoned a hero that suits your fighting style. They will appear when you use the summon ticket with different looks and designs. After summoning them, you can learn about their skills and try to lead them into battle. Find brave heroines and control them to fight in Conqueror girls MOD APK.

Conqueror girls mod apk

Automated battles

You are the one the heroes trusted when they gave you the ability to control. So, you can be flexible in battles and defeat enemies with powerful skills. They will damage enemies ahead, and you need to do so continuously to destroy them. But if you can’t maintain it, use the auto-battle function. Then, the heroes will attack the enemy according to their plan and fight. And with the help of the system, you can easily get items when defeating enemies. Experience difficult combat missions and help heroes fight automatically on battlefields.

Conqueror girls free

Conquer all combat challenges

The person who accompanies you to fight against dangerous challenges will be the heroine. Therefore, you will have the role of helping them resist attacks from enemies as well as proactively attack them. And before fighting, you have found the right hero for you, thanks to the summon function. They can fight in different roles and will help you take down your enemies. Therefore, you will have a lot of resources to upgrade the heroes you control. You will then progress towards completing the collection by participating in daily events. Fight in different missions and conquer all challenges with the female warrior.

Conqueror girls android

You will be the one to raise warriors with fighting potential as you explore the world. That’s when you have summoned them through the tickets and diamonds you received at the start. But to understand each hero’s abilities, you must combine them in battles. By unleashing skills, you can deal damage until you destroy the enemy. Then, you can collect resources to help the heroine evolve her strength. That process will take time, and you can use the hero’s automatic battle system. Download Conqueror girls MOD APK to control your female warrior and conquer challenging battles.

How to Download & Install Conqueror girls MOD APK (Menu/Damage Multiplier/Lots of buff) for Android


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