Color Invaders Idle MOD APK (Free Rewards) 0.93.0

Updated 01/03/2024 (1 day ago)
NameColor Invaders Idle APK
MOD FeaturesFree Rewards
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Color Invaders Idle

Color Invaders Idle MOD APK will need you to work hard to survive. Survive on a deserted island in extremely harsh conditions. But that’s not why we give up. You will have many opportunities and things that you can take advantage of. From there, he built his kingdom with enormous influence. Cover the entire desert island with color and turn it into your home. If this works, you will be in heaven. We can develop what we want up there. Nothing can stop you from becoming a tamer of wild and mysterious nature.

Survival games always leave us with a deep impression. It’s all thanks to each player’s freedom in it. With this game, you can also comfortably do the things you love. We can try to go from zero to a successful person. Not only that, you can also be creative with what you find. Promote independent activities and create your success. Such gameplay will attract more people. We can spend hours watching how a human being on a deserted island can develop. Indeed, this is what everyone wants in reality.

Color Invaders Idle mod

Download Color Invaders Idle mod apk – Explore a sizeable deserted island at sea.

You are lost on a deserted island off the coast not identified on the map. This can be a disadvantage for everyone in this situation. But for you, this will be a new opportunity for us to start over. We’ll start with intelligence and a few essential tools. Exploit everything you can find in the wild. Build yourself a good place to live to avoid extreme weather. Create new tools to exploit more things. Find food and water to stay healthy. Build additional buildings to create more convenience in the production process.

Upgrade the camp

Your campsite can completely be upgraded for a better quality of life. First, we can build buildings and strengthen them. For example, an animal farm can grow to house more livestock. A garden grows all kinds of fruit trees and food. Watchtowers to detect dangers. Or a portal can lead you to another part of the island. These works will be built in the following stages. It helps you have favorable conditions to store many resources for yourself. Furthermore, we can also create a continuous source of harvest.

Color Invaders Idle mod android

Force distribution

You will also recruit those who survive and get lost on this deserted island. They will participate in production work and comply with your requests. We can assign some people to harvest agricultural products. Some people can guard the entire campsite. In addition, you can also mobilize them to exploit mineral mines. Some people can go to the sea and catch fish by boat. If we divide forces intelligently, we will increase production capacity. Thanks to that, you can earn more income through your labor. This will no longer be a deserted island but a land you own.

Color Invaders Idle mod apk

Upgrade heroes

We will have a force dedicated to exploiting and fighting. This force of yours is built up of brave warriors. They will be equipped with the necessary combat tools to destroy any enemy. Hunt big animals and bring back trophies. Initially, they will have relatively weak combat power to kill a specific target. This will cause significant damage and needs to be repaired. Therefore, you need to use your resources to upgrade them yourself. Feed them to gain full strength and fight more flexibly. Furthermore, it is also necessary to equip good weapons so that these people can quickly kill the enemy.

Color Invaders Idle mod free

Defense towers are also one of the things you need to upgrade. We have archery towers or magic towers to attack enemies. Whenever they intend to invade, they will be destroyed by the firepower of these towers. Prevent you from losing the resources you have collected. At the same time, protect the lives of residents on the island with Color Invaders Idle mod apk.

How to Download & Install Color Invaders Idle MOD APK (Free Rewards) for Android


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