Color House MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.28

Updated on 09/01/2023 (4 weeks ago)
NameColor House APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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A colorful house will give you an exciting life like Color House. It can be said that it is a dream worth dreaming for everyone. You will experience that life yourself with quite exciting situations. These challenges will make us think and find solutions. Find the most excellent path to success that you can follow in striving. Design sophistication expresses who we are in its entirety. That’s why your style will shape this game thoroughly and effectively.

Color House is a story about the modern life that people have to go through. It is also a collection of challenging coloring challenges. This type of coloring game requires more patience and meticulousness than other genres. However, you won’t be able to lose and can play anytime. The drawing ability of each individual is not so important. The main thing is to be confident enough to win yourself in the challenges. Thereby bringing gradual self-development over the years. No longer too afraid of items related to art.

Color House mod

Download Color House mod – Build a colorful house

As a true designer, there’s nothing you can’t do. Your main job is to paint and design the home space. You will receive designs for guests who come to request and receive bonuses from them. To have money to pay for exterior changes, you need to paint. Each picture completed by coloring will be based on the results and pay you. We will change all the spaces starting with cleaning up the mess. After that cl,eaning everything, repairing and replacing the furniture. Whether the process is fast or slow is entirely up to you. So, the more effort you put in, the faster you can complete it.

Upgrade house

A house will contain many different rooms in it. So the design needs to be done step by step firmly. You will go to each room and manually put all the furniture you like in it. When all the required furniture is in place, you will move on to the next room. You will do this until the whole house has been refreshed. We can review our work by going through the house. The more houses are completed, the more famous you become. Expand the relationship and take the story to another level. We will turn ruined places into great works.

Color House mod apk

Interesting pictures

The paintings are created with pre-carved lines. So all you have to do is perfect the colors for these works of art. If you pay a little attention, each picture provided will have many different schools, from portraiture, surrealism, landscape, or fiction. Each art style has a unique feature that everyone can find interesting. So each picture will be colored in its way. These colors complete an entire block and change it. Bring the inherent beauty that you want back to those lifeless white pages.

Color House mod free

Interesting life

After getting married, the main character’s life encountered many complications. Difficult situations are presented that require you to solve them on your own. We will choose pre-designed actions. Show the main character’s actions and words to everyone. This interaction brings a breath of fresh air you’ve never seen before. That’s how Color House mod describes our lives.

Download Color House MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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