Clipboard Pro MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) 3.1.4

Updated 24/04/2024 (2 months ago)
NameClipboard Pro APK
PublisherHDM Dev Team
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Pro
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Clipboard Pro

One of the most exciting functions that smartphones can offer is the ability to display a variety of applications. Incidentally, it is very suitable for us to use a unique application – Clipboard Pro. To make it easy to understand, we will be able to copy everything within the smartphone screen with this application as long as you do something that involves saving or copying. Clipboard Pro will immediately commit those activities to its memory. In case you have forgotten any information, please open this application and review it. The great thing about it is that it works with many other apps at the same time.

The exciting feature of Clipboard Pro is the ability to work when another application is still active. That is, you will run two applications at the same time on the smartphone screen. Of course, to give Clipboard Pro more space to operate. It will sit in the corner of the screen and reserve most of the area for other applications to display. Because its job has only one, that is to save many user actions. You may think this is useless, but trust me, it will help you in many urgent cases.

Clipboard Pro mod

Download Clipboard Pro mod – Backup all-important smartphone activities

Clipboard Pro does more than backup smartphone activities. If you use it for a long time, you will probably realize that it does not interrupt other activities, and it just floats on the screen and any apps. But it is a fact that the application below will still work as usual. That is a condition for you to use Clipboard Pro. Most users will record their multiple backups in Clipboard Pro, and they can include any text, URLs, etc. Everything that needs to be remembered will be recorded so that it cannot disappear. From there, finding it back to work is also very simple.

Clipboard Pro mod apk

Easy operation

For example, when you are studying a lesson and find something important related to knowledge. It can be saved in Clipboard Pro as soon as you learn to store them. Or when you’re assigned a specific task with lots of things to keep in mind. Undoubtedly this app can recall for you. You need to review what you have saved and immediately know what you need to do when you start. Its usage is almost exclusively there. There are two main types of tools: clipboard and memo. The clipboard will persist until you manually delete it, and the note will show you the things you deleted if you want to revisit them.

Clipboard Pro mod apk free

Open anytime

With the way it works in tandem with other applications, opening Clipboard Pro when needed is extremely easy. You can pin it to your home screen to open it up whenever you need to remember something. Depending on the different modes, you will use them more conveniently at your discretion. Notifications mode will notify you of things you have saved but have not yet reviewed. Or choose to close the app immediately when copying is complete to continue working. Send messages when copied at the same time to save time. Quick search by keywords so as not to confuse information.

Clipboard Pro free

Feel free to use

Depending on the nature of your work and screen manipulation, you can edit the interface of Clipboard Pro to be most suitable for use in all cases. Long press on any edge to minimize or enlarge the application screen by that edge. If you hold down on a corner, moving will change the size of the whole application. Great for zooming in when you want to see clearly, or zooming out, so you don’t get stuck when using other apps. Change the light and dark theme to suit your eyes in certain situations.

Clipboard Pro mod free

Although Clipboard Pro only supports storing information, it still creates a particular convenience for users to remember many important things. Because it works with many applications simultaneously, the Clipboard Pro mod will be very convenient in many cases when you are busy.

How to Download & Install Clipboard Pro MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) for Android


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