Citytopia MOD APK (Unlimited money) 6.0.15

Updated on 06/03/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameCitytopia APK
PublisherReliance Entertainment Studios UK Pvt Ltd
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Simulate a modern city and own it by yourself, thanks to Citytopia. This is a simulation game that is loved by family members because of its exciting features and attractive graphics. Play the role of a talented design engineer. You will prepare from A to Z to give birth to a rich and stylish city. Building a city and putting it into operation is not an easy thing. Attention must be paid to all aspects related to economy, politics, culture, and education. Use Citytopia to call out the most livable city under your magnificent hands.

Similar to other simulation games, Citytopia’s ultimate goal is to build the most substantial city possible. A detailed plan of construction areas is advisable. Act as an engineer as well as a neighborhood manager. Need to keep an eye on and handle things like inflation, population growth,…And especially care about the health of the people in your city. By balancing these factors, your city will naturally run smoothly. Position buildings strategically. Attract more residents from other places to move in to make your city crowded and cozy.

Citytopia mod

Download Citytopia mod – Open the door to building the busiest and most modern city under your strict management.

The land has been planned and divided into each area. Your job is to arrange the proper real estate buildings for each plot of land. A detailed plan from tiny houses to crowded dormitories. Build schools and hospitals on a large tract of land. Interspersed with commercial centers along with excellent amusement parks. Of course, it is impossible not to miss the entry of majestic industrial parks. The place is an essential source of money and employs the vast majority of the city’s citizens. Usually, industrial parks are located far away from residential areas to avoid affecting and polluting people.

Citytopia mod apk

Unlock many lands

Your busy city is initially just a small village with 2-3 modest plots of land after the favorable construction of the neighborhood for a fixed period of time. They will bring profit and you can use that money to buy more adjacent land. Just collect profits and accumulate money gradually through each area. Buy more materials, unlock more neighborhoods, and build more properties. Small to big. As long as you make an effort, bustling Citytopia is waiting for you ahead. Let’s turn this place into an empire of your own. Especially the creative freedom to build your buildings. Each city has its special buildings.

Citytopia apk

Card Collection

Just log in to Citytopia every day, you will be given card packs. Each card will unlock a different object. It could be building materials. Or the things and trees that decorate the street. Furthermore, buildings, vehicles, and more can be opened. Some rare cards also help you improve the facilities of your city. Helps increase the hourly earnings of buildings. Moreover, Citytopia also has unique cards that are skyscrapers or non-polluting industrial parks. Because if the industrial park causes pollution, you will have to pay a compensation fee for cleaning the air.

Citytopia apk free

Perform mission

There are two main currencies in circulation in Citytopia: coins and dollars. Gold coins are widely used to buy materials or unlock new buildings. Dollars are luxury currency, they are used to purchase rare buildings and refined decorations. The number of dollars you get through events will not be much. Therefore, it is necessary to work hard to complete the challenges to level up faster. Ensure the presence of a team of buses and trucks to perform delivery and delivery tasks. In this journey, you can ultimately gain both gold and experience. Instead of having to wait for the money to be collected from the buildings.

Citytopia android

Eye-catching bright 3D graphics combined with meticulous design. They highlight the civilized and lavish lines of the prosperous cities. This simulation gameplay will keep you hooked and addictive. If all goes well, you can spend hours just building this city. Always ensure a happy resident’s life and a green – clean – beautiful living environment because residents play a crucial role in the development of the city. Download Citytopia mod to build your city.

Download Citytopia MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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