Cat Museum MOD APK (Unlocked) 1.2.0

Updated 30/08/2023 (4 weeks ago)
NameCat Museum APK
Publisher751Games Co., Ltd.
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce Cat Museum MOD APK

Cat Museum designs monstrous monsters and scenes that make players feel scared. Things that seem familiar but are progressed with ugly or even weird shapes. Imagine being lost in a space filled with such terrible things, what would you do? Screaming or fainting are things that could happen if that were the case. But if you are confident that you are strong and are not afraid of anything in this world, then join the Cat Museum. Scary spaces and characters with different looks will make you attractive. Everything is ready, do you agree to join this adventurous adventure?

In this game, you will play the role of a guy curious about everything around him. One day that guy discovered a mysterious box, accidentally discovered something strange. Suddenly he was swept away by the TV and taken to another mysterious world. But when he realizes that he has been lost in a remote place, that is when he no longer remembers what was before. Your role this time is to help the boy find his childhood memories. Instruct him to explore this mysterious world and find important clues. Whether the journey to find that guy’s memories goes smoothly or not is up to you.

Cat Museum mod

Download Cat Museum mod – start the fantastic adventure

Cat Museum carefully designs the space and images to every detail, each character appearing in the game. The conversations between the monsters and the boys were also meticulously constructed. From those things, players can feel their adventure. The deeper you go into the game, the more terrible things think. The experience of discovering weird stuff in the new world is fascinating. But do not forget your task is to solve the puzzles to help the boy regain his memory. Then, together with the mischievous cat, explore and write down beautiful memories in this world. Although these things look scary, they will bring you back to your childhood.

Cat Museum apk

Dense puzzle challenges along the way

To regain your memories, you need to overcome the challenges of the Cat Museum. Use symbols like eyes and doors to open suggestions for things to do. Puzzles come from eccentric characters, challenges appear with a dense frequency on your exploration. You need to observe your surroundings to help you complete the challenge carefully. These things will be the key to getting you closer to your memory. Each time the puzzle is successfully solved, new doors open, opening more scary things. But later on, this crazy world is more attractive to players than ever.

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Glowing mischievous cat

When you discover that the place you are taken to is a strange museum, see a stone cat statue standing guard, use the magic stick to open the museum door, and get the glowing cat to follow you. Thanks to the cat, you can light the way and see strange scenes and monsters. Discover the mysteries behind the museum will bring out the features of your cat. But sometimes, bjan’s cat will make it difficult to solve the puzzle. Use every try around in conjunction with that cat to complete the challenge. Quickly escape from this mysterious world and return to your everyday life.

Cat Museum mod apk

Oddly shaped characters

Cat Museum has put all its heart into painting works of art but in the horror genre. You will encounter the peculiar shapes of cats, flowers with eyes, and terrifying witches. Or animals modified with ugly forms will also appear. The sound of roaring with a terrifying scream also surprises you. If you encounter monsters, you should hide based on the surrounding terrain. Don’t let them catch you, or you won’t complete the challenge. There are hundreds of monsters that are realistically sketched on each stroke. Every scene and person in this mysterious space will make you overwhelmed.

Cat Museum android

The adventure of the naughty boy and the cat will go smoothly or not, it’s up to you. Cat Museum brings a magical 2D space with sophisticated lines on each character. The artworks and paintings are depicted with weird variations. Are you curious about this mysterious demonic world? Try once to experience the museum exploration of cats and their monstrous companions. Download Cat Museum mod to step into a challenging adventure, helping your boy regain his childhood memories.

How to Download & Install Cat Museum MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android

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