Cashier 3D MOD APK (Free rewards) 58.1.4

Updated 03/02/2024 (5 months ago)
NameCashier 3D APK
MOD FeaturesFree rewards
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Cashier 3D

Being a cashier seems to be quite an easy job for you in Cashier 3D. Not everyone can do that to the best of their ability. But if you put in the effort to practice, it will become highly extraordinary. Calculate and return the excess to customers entirely and accurately. No need to do complicated things and get valuable rewards. Earn employee of the month and earn honors. You could be the next person to have abilities you never thought possible.

Daily tasks are used by the games as their topics very effectively, including Cashier 3D, with the cashier job considered tedious and tiring. But you will immediately feel the difference when you start doing your work. Computational challenges will be presented through customer exchange. This is a pretty fun way to exercise our minds regularly. Apply real-life situations to enhance each person’s understanding. Make yourself have a breakthrough when working to create excellent efficiency.

Cashier 3D mod

Download Cashier 3D mod – Become the best cashier

After finding a new job, you officially become a supermarket cashier. This is a job that requires computational agility to satisfy customers. You will automatically receive money from customers after they make a purchase. You will receive that amount and place it in a suitable place in the cash register. Then return the change in the correct amount so the customer can leave. The faster you do it, and the happier customers will be with you. Conversely, if you take too long, the customer will be angry and lose. Do not underpay or overpay for guests, or you will fail.

Various prices

At checkout, the customer will give you a lot of different items. Each item is marked with a price tag, and you must scan it for the cash register to receive it. Next, we will receive the payment from the customer and calculate the excess amount. It is the balance of the revenue minus the value of the item you receive. You will get bonus points if you do it right and fast with many orders. Bonus points will increase when we have achieved a perfect sequence. So it’s easy if you’re used to these challenging operations. Over time we will find ourselves able to add and subtract at a higher speed quickly.

Cashier 3D mod free

Shop upgrade

For your store to get more customers, we will upgrade it. You can gradually increase the variety of items based on the amount of money you collect. For example, we can open comic books, cosmetics, and sporting goods,… All will be served to customers with the highest quality possible. Many people will love it and choose your supermarket as the place to shop. It will be a great benefit for us to continue increasing the amount we can sell items. This store is for you to manage and perform its functions. Do your best to get what you can most desire.

Cashier 3D mod apk

Facing a bad situation

Sometimes in the store, some unexpected things will happen to you. For example, a robbery occurred with masked and armed men. They will threaten you to rob money and not control the people around you. Quickly notify the police in secret ways so they can come to the rescue. Then, help you get back to safety and keep running the shop in Cashier 3D mod.

How to Download & Install Cashier 3D MOD APK (Free rewards) for Android


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