Captain Tsubasa ZERO MOD APK (Menu, Weak enemies/High Player Stats) 3.0.0

Updated 20/06/2022 (2 years ago)
NameCaptain Tsubasa ZERO APK
PublisherGMO GP, Inc.
MOD FeaturesMenu, Weak enemies/High Player Stats
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Captain Tsubasa ZERO MOD APK detail?

MOD Menu

  1. Weak Enemies || Enemies have low stats
  2. High Player Stats || Your team has high stats

Introduce MOD APK Captain Tsubasa ZERO

Football is a king sport loved by many people around the world. What it brings is even more attractive with Captain Tsubasa ZERO. Join and run the most exciting football matches on the pitch yourself. Lead your enemies through seasoned opponents. Win and become insignificant champions tournaments and win precious trophies. Are you strong enough to be a passionate leader?

Captain Tsubasa is an extremely popular Japanese manga and anime adaptation. The story of the football spirit of young talents has inspired many people. Including GMO GP, Inc. to perfect and create the super product Captain Tsubasa ZERO. The most outstanding feature of this game is its fun graphics and shapes. Combine that with smooth free-to-play movements to form a finish that’s second to none in FIFA or PES.

Captain Tsubasa ZERO mod

Download Captain Tsubasa ZERO mod – Take great shots

Major tournaments are an opportunity for new teams to show their level. In it, your team also has people full of qualities and bravery. They need a guide from the best coach to develop their forte. You are the one who has all those things, and the rest will depend on your efforts later. In matches, the control of the players can take place flexibly. You can pass the ball to the players you want very quickly. Make close or long shots with just a few simple steps. Laws of the field will also be implemented in the same way as in reality.

Captain Tsubasa ZERO mod free

Big football teams

The teams participating in this tournament include many different countries. The Japanese team will have Tsubasa team lead with members like Jun Misugi, Kojiro Hyuga. England has captain Robson as the leader, France has the famous Elle Sid Pierre and Louis Napoleon. Not only that but there are also members of young football teams participating. You can choose for yourself a favorite team with a unique shirt color of your own. What’s even more remarkable is that in the group, anyone can be replaced. It is not necessary to have a nationality associated with that country. Recruiting strong strikers is also essential for your team.

Make use of skills

Each player has an extraordinary ability to create a breakthrough. You need to study and make full use of these natural talents carefully. They can excel in movement speed, technique, power, and passing. More specifically, when meeting a suitable teammate or opponent, they will automatically activate their hidden skills. For example, Roberto Hongo can boost various stats by 50% when Tsubasa is around. Tsubasa can increase the receiver’s strength by 15%, among other abilities. There are also group skills and squad skills, and other special moves.

Captain Tsubasa ZERO mod apk

Upgrade for players

The players of Captain Tsubasa ZERO each bring a unique element of their own. You can help them reach a more significant power threshold just by upgrading. There is a maximum of sixty levels for each player in the game. If upgrading to a certain level requires, you will have to break through the number of stars to continue to level up. They are also classified according to their rarity as A, S, SR, SSR. The rarer the players, the more superior stats and different skills. A squad with high rarity players will put a lot of pressure on your opponent in football matches. I need to work hard on quests and accumulate resources to progress.

Compete in the league

Tournaments are organized to find champions and attract football fans. If you participate in it, you will have the opportunity to win the championship that you dream of. It is necessary to face the teams controlled by other players to earn points. Each win, you have a certain number of points to accumulate and promote. To compete most effectively, we need a strong enough team with maximum fighting power. Always have a variety of tactics and change the ranks flexibly. Season-end awards will be given to the groups with the best results in the rankings. Make your dreams come true by trying from the minor things.

When playing Captain Tsubasa ZERO mod, you will feel the heat of the battle on your hands. The fights, the steals, the great shots will make the most resounding victories. You are the most promising coach in the world.

How to Download & Install Captain Tsubasa ZERO MOD APK (Menu, Weak enemies/High Player Stats) for Android


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