CandyCons Unwrapped APK 10.1

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NameCandyCons Unwrapped APK
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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The use of mobile devices is now commonplace. And you are one of those users. And let the mobile devices get more icon packs. CandyCons Unwrapped will be the app that fulfills that need. One of the apps with various icon packs. So you can add it to your phone. Make your phone screen appear in the best way. With many different colors as well as different symbols. Easily customize and change them however you want. There are many different icon sets you can choose from. Icons are available to customize the look of the device. Cute icons will allow you to be transformed to your screen.

The application offers many different icons. With a new version being made available to users. Will present you with a full range of individual colors. You like soft or vibrant icon colors. All will also be delivered by CandyCons Unwrapped. So that you can choose and change in new ways. How does a phone screen show up? You can customize them according to the icons that CandyCons Unwrapped has. There are also wallpapers in the app. Let you be associated with icons. Your phone will be displayed in the most prominent way.

CandyCons Unwrapped mod

Download CandyCons Unwrapped mod – Icons icons and phone wallpapers

Your phone will be displayed with beautiful icons. Each icon has a unique look. Instead of the icons are provided by default. You can make a change instantly with the CandyCons Unwrapped app. Collection of all groups of icons with beautiful backgrounds. CandyCons Unwrapped will be the application that helps you take a new image for your wallpaper. With the many features and tools that CandyCons Unwrapped offers. Easy to customize icons with lots of fresh new designs. Select the appropriate background images for the phone screen.

CandyCons Unwrapped mod free

Various icons

CandyCons Unwrapped with thousands of icons. Users will have their own choices. All icons are supported for use on all applications on the device. Not necessarily only for default installed apps. Which is in almost every application on the phone. You can display them with the icons you want. Various designs with different colors. Choose from bold or light, vibrant or light colors. Everything was brought by CandyCons Unwrapped. You are fully customizable to your phone. Synthesize many icons and for users to use arbitrarily.

Phone wallpapers

In addition to the symbols found in CandyCons Unwrapped. The application also has many wallpapers. The same impressive color tones. For users to associate with icons. Make the phone screen appear in the best way. You can choose to match the symbols. Let them be color harmonized as well as let the screen shine. Instead of using the wallpapers that the phone has available. Now you have complete options for your phone with individual images. With designs as well as individual designs. Exclusively for mobile devices. And the phones themselves are more beautiful than ever.

CandyCons Unwrapped mod apk

Interface with new design

To make the phone look the most prominent. The icons, as well as the background image, also play an important role. Currently, there are quite a few applications that provide icons and wallpapers. However, many people choose to use CandyCons Unwrapped. Because it makes the phone interface appear differently. Not to mix with the design style with anyone. The application is always updated with the latest icons and images. It’s not too difficult to get a new look for your phone. Icon packs and wallpapers. Will contribute to making your smartphone more attractive. Use CandyCons Unwrapped to get the look and feel you want.

CandyCons Unwrapped app provides beautiful icons and images. For custom users on the phone. The variable for the phone will be displayed with beautiful wallpapers. Each color with icons. All will make the screen appear with a new look. Use simple operations. Easy to change with icon collections and colorful backgrounds. Download CandyCons Unwrapped mod designed for screen interface.

Download CandyCons Unwrapped APK for Android

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