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Updated 21/05/2024 (1 week ago)
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Introduce MOD APK CamCard

Electronic business cards are becoming an indispensable item in work at present. And CamCard MOD APK will help you know how to read them and gather information about others. You probably already know that when we want to introduce someone to others at work. Most will use a business card to give it to people. Business cards are more and more improved than in the past. Currently, there are many types of electronic business cards. So we need to use our smartphones to scan them and get the person’s information. CamCard is the application with such a main purpose.

Suitable for all types of electronic business cards. CamCard APK mod will scan the codes on those cards. Then display that person’s personal information on your smartphone. This is slowly becoming the norm in the workplace. No need for complicated documents and records. With just a small application on your smartphone, you can get acquainted with a lot of people. All personal information from the person’s work, social networks, and relationships will be fully displayed. It works with any business card, even your own.

CamCard mod

Download CamCard mod – Scan business cards introduced at work

Electronic business cards are always much more convenient than a standard business cards. When one can scan and get more information than a primary business card. They also integrate social network accounts to quickly communicate with each other when needed. CamCard APK has a built-in system that scans codes from electronic business cards. Then display the corresponding information on the smartphone screen.

Along with that is to store everyone’s information so you can’t forget them. Make sure your camera works because it helps scan and identifies each person’s business card. So you’ve got a new way to get to know your colleagues or business partners.

CamCard mod apk

Scan and translate language

You are confused because you see the business card of a foreign colleague for the first time. They are all in different languages and it isn’t easy to fully understand the information. CamCard MOD APK will help you ignore that worry. By using the language filter. Just hold the camera in front of the business card to be able to translate all the words on it. The enemy’s information will be translated directly when you have finished scanning. You will know everything about your colleague. Avoid many unnecessary misunderstandings in the working environment.

CamCard mod apk free

Flexible information storage

A way to not forget the personal information of your friends and colleagues. After scanning the business cards. Save them in the main CamCard data areas. This will protect all the news of the business cards that you have scanned. You can move and copy them to send to other colleagues if needed. Each document will have a different format to aid in more efficient information reading. In addition, many products and brands can be found on the quick search engine.

Send information via social networks

This era helps us communicate more smoothly through many social networks. Not excluded in work and essential projects. You and your colleagues can share through many popular social networks using CamCard. Use them as a third tool to send business cards to yourself or colleagues. Then they will scan them and get the information quickly. When you get to know someone new, let other people who need to know about them get to know that person.

CamCard mod free

Support a function that can replace regular business cards in the future. CamCard aims to be quick when scanning and storing information for your colleagues and yourself. Download CamCard mod to help you get acquainted with everyone in work and life.

How to Download & Install CamCard APK for Android


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