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Updated 12/07/2024 (5 days ago)
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SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK CallApp

Contacts are an indispensable part of any smartphone, and it helps users access and remember the phone numbers of many people. There is a more advanced version that you may not know about, and I am talking about CallApp. An app that revolves around making phone calls and contacting your phone numbers. However, it is on a much broader scale. When it is closely related to personal information, the level of security, and privacy of users, if you feel like having an application that guarantees such elements, CallApp should be one of them. Now let’s see what we have inside this app.

Promises to be able to replace your contacts and dialer apps in the future. CallApp is the app for recording your incoming and outgoing calls. Provides various functions for contact phone numbers. Add more tasks that we can perform when busy. To be precise, CallApp does not pull information from your calls, and it only adds operations so that you can make calls and handle calls more conveniently.

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Download CallApp mod – Number manager phone and contact

The primary function that makes CallApp’s name is ACR. That is, every time a call comes to your phone, the application’s system will automatically record that call. This utility serves people who often have a lot of work and cannot remember all the content that has been assigned. Record it so you can listen to it again whenever you want. To retrieve information that you may have missed while on the phone. However, there will also be many phone calls from family and friends that are not too important to remember. You can then set and choose not to record with certain subscriptions.

Also, you can use CallApp as a genuine open contact. Add to all the subscribers of many people around you. From family, friends to work, and many other references. When you need to make a call or text, do it on CallApp. By tapping any number to make a call, and Texting or any other activity is possible. You will discover that you have replaced contacts and dialed with this diverse application until a specific period.

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Know who is calling you

It will undoubtedly work with subscribers of people you know. So there is no need to talk too much about familiar phone numbers. Odd numbers will show more things when there is a call from a subscriber not in the contacts list. The system will automatically scan the phone number to identify who is calling you. Based on the phone number to find out what the person’s social media account is. Significantly, CallApp will automatically block incoming calls or spam calls depending on your requirements. Add subscribers to the denylist so you can block incoming calls at any time.

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Identification and missed calls

The messages will also be supported with a lot of important and notable features. For example, the message recognition function. Youn tells if it is a message from an acquaintance or a meaningless spam message based on the sage. Very important so that you do not lose time accessing and deleting spam messages immediately. Sometimes you can go out and not take your smartphone with you, and there is a chance that a call will come in during that time. When you return, CallApp will notify you of missed calls at specific intervals. Just in case you don’t touch your phone for a long time. Who knows, you might miss an important call.

CAllApp mod apk free

Unique personalization

Of course, for simple contacts, CallApp will have more unique and exciting options for users. Here’s what you can design to make your communications more beautiful and personal. You can search for acquaintances based on their actual location. Set unique decoration functions such as the birthday of each person in the contacts. Their profile picture and a special icon appear on the screen when a call comes in. Change the color as well as the theme of many different subscribers. Create colorful and attractive, extremely stimulating taste. Using many of these features, you will be extremely excited and want to use CallApp forever.

CAllApp free

A much better-upgraded version of the phonebook. In addition to the changes and additions of many essential functions serving users. Very suitable for young people who want a new experience when making phone calls. Download CallApp now to learn more about this magical directory.

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