BURST TO POWER MOD APK 1.4.1p2 (Menu, Unlimited Skills)

Posted 7 months ago by Thuỷ Dương
PublisherBOOLit Game Studio
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited Skills
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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To show our strength, we always have duels with our enemies. To fulfill this desire in the easiest way, let BURST TO POWER help you. Push yourself to the limit of endurance and seek new potential. Crush all opponents who dare to destroy the peace of the Earth. Witness remarkable techniques being unleashed anytime and anywhere. Your endless desire to fight will be satisfied today.

BURST TO POWER is a highly high-quality fighting game genre. Everything in it is invested with many good ideas and feats. Highly realistic 3D images will make players extremely satisfied. Along with that is the powerful battlefield sound coming from different attacks, and you will feel like you are fighting yourself. Many other exciting things are waiting for you to discover later.


Download BURST TO POWER mod – Breakthrough the limit of your power

Your peaceful world is being plunged into chaos by an evil god named Gloggle. Now people everywhere live in fear and death. Please don’t stand still and let this continue, stand up and fight him. Along the way, you will encounter many different significant challenges that stand in the way. Those are the cruel minions with almost undefeated fighting power. Challenge them to duels and show your bravery. Throw punches, kicks, and exceptional skills that you can perform to destroy them. It only takes a little bit of practice and ingenuity to win.


Epic Wars

In battles, you will have to use both skillful control manipulation as well as sharp thinking. Your character will have buttons to perform his necessary actions. All will include attack, defense, energy accumulation, energy ball shooting, and flying. Your stats will have HP, soul energy, anger points, and durability maintained. If you fall into a state of being deprived of something, you will be at a disadvantage. Try to deal a lot of damage to your enemies to drain their HP as quickly as possible. Please don’t give them a chance to counterattack continuously, or you will lose.

Unlock new abilities

The characters in BURST TO POWER all possess a lot of potentials that you never knew. To exploit the characteristics of each person fully, you need to take them to a higher level. Collect resources from victories to qualify for power-ups. New abilities will give them higher breakthroughs, more vital new skills as well as significantly improved stats. You can learn to use new skills to create your combos. Quickly confront stronger enemies and maximize your win rate. Let your favorite hero get the best perks.


Customize squad

On some levels, you will have to have teammates to overcome the required challenges together. From here, players can freely build themselves a dream team. See in your collection which heroes are the most superior and reasonable. Please put them in the necessary positions to accompany your protagonist. Dive into dark and dangerous places with terrifying monsters and enemies, and work together flexibly to wipe them out at lightning speed. Moreover, you can easily switch between characters at will, and it makes fighting much more convenient.

BURST TO POWER mod android

Strong transformation

As mentioned above, pushing the character to the limit is extremely necessary. You can do this right in a war you’re participating in. After a hero’s energy is made to the limit with the essential elements, they will transform. I was surrounded by an aura filled with tremendous power. At this time, the fighting power will be increased many times like you are freeing a monster. The moves or attacks are all changed to be more terrible. The speed is also increased dramatically to turn your target into a moving sandbag. You can develop more than that.

Play BURST TO POWER mod and do impossible tasks. After a process of training, you will find yourself quickly and improve a lot.

Download BURST TO POWER MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Skills) for Android

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