Bulu Monster MOD APK (Massive Rewards) 10.8.1

Updated 14/06/2024 (1 week ago)
NameBulu Monster APK
PublisherSigma Game Limited
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMassive Rewards
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Bulu Monster MOD APK detail?

After the end of the tutorial, when reaching the red box click search and select complete to get the reward, do more to get the biggest possible reward then click the Close icon to continue the game play.

Introduce MOD APK Bulu Monster

The Pokemon brand, since its inception, has created a fierce trend. Even up to now, there are still many fans who give their love to Pocket Monster. One of the most important reasons leading to the birth of Bulu Monster. I mention Pokemon is related to this game because it is simply because Bulu Monster is based on a lot of inspiration from creatures in the legendary Pokeball. It is a game where you will become a monster trainer. But it’s not Pokemon, and it’s Bulu Monster, a creature with no less power and cuteness.

Bulu Island is a prosperous land, inhabited and inhabited by many mystical monsters known as Bulu Monsters. The game of the same name is about a trainer’s journey to capture Bulu monsters to serve in battle. Above all, a close friend will accompany the coach throughout the journey. Become the powerful Bulu monster training champion. Use smart tactics and power in combat.

Bulu Monster mod mod

Download Bulu Monster mod – Superb Bulu Monster Training

As a trainer on an adventure on Bulu Island, you will encounter many different monsters. Fight them and capture them to find new companions. Make your monster army more diverse than ever. Prove yourself to be a powerful trainer and take care of your monsters. A good trainer is always worried about the monster’s condition after each battle. Please don’t depend on them to make sure everything turns out to be interesting and fun. Your journey to conquering monsters will be very long.

The forces that we face in Bulu Monster will be many. Even NPCs and other players can fight you. Battles will mostly be one monster-fighting another. Each monster has a very unique and unique skill. Choosing counter monsters will bring a lot of advantages in a match. It would help if you also gathered a lot of knowledge about Bulu Monster to have the necessary skills.

Bulu Monster mod apk free

Hundreds of companions

The number of 150 monsters probably can’t compare with Pocket Monster. However, it is more than enough for you to explore most of the world in Bulu Monster. The monsters are partly inspired by some objects and creatures in nature. They also carry distinct and particular elements for you to distinguish. In each match, we will be brought out several monsters to fight. Upgrade and equip your monsters with lots of power. Because of the large number of monsters, focus on upgrading to monsters with superior strength. Also, seek knowledge of countermeasures as well as links between certain monsters.

Bulu Monster mod free

Journey across the continent

The 14 different locations represent the 14 continents that you will visit on your journey. All are located on the land where Bulu Monster lives. In addition to lovely monsters, you will also meet more interesting characters. They can teach us a lot more about the world of Bulu Monster. Or want to make friends and challenge you. Unlock various missions on your way to becoming the best coach. Not only excellent in the journey but the character’s personality is also shown vividly. Besides, many attractive Bulu Monster battles are waiting in front of you.

Bulu Monster mod apk

Meet the monster experts

Besides the characters in charge of adventure and guidance for you, the rest are professional monster trainers with over 50 different coaches. They have a knack for and expertise in a certain type of monster. Don’t underestimate their abilities. Trainers possess many rare monsters within their research area. All of them have been evolved to the highest level and have many powers you cannot imagine. However, if you beat them, you will receive a certificate to prove your strength. Monster trainers are scattered around the world of Bulu Monster. Come and challenge their power.

Bulu Monster mod

The image of the anthropomorphized monsters looks very cute and close to humans. They are always ready to protect and fight for their interests and pleasure. As a potential monster trainer, you have to improve everything to train strong and loyal monsters. Bulu Monster mod is a great world that is not inferior to the legendary Pokemon.

How to Download & Install Bulu Monster MOD APK (Massive Rewards) for Android


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