Boosted: Marketing Video Maker MOD APK 1.8.5 (Premium unlocked)

Posted 7 months ago by Thuỷ Dương
NameBoosted: Marketing Video Maker
PublisherLightricks Ltd.
CategoryVideo Editor
MOD FeaturesPremium unlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Boosted: Marketing Video Maker is the app for you to create videos. Display advertising videos, entertainment videos… Bring a lot of interesting content to viewers. Create lots of videos with multiple toolbars. Boosted: Marketing Video Maker will let you become a professional video producer. From the content to the shooting scenes, it’s all done by you. Boosted: Marketing Video Maker with the modern video recorder. You will create thousands of unique videos. Attract many viewers by interesting things. Boosted: Marketing Video Maker also lets you use videos to shoot ads. Do whatever you want with Boosted: Marketing Video Maker.

This is one of the best video recording apps out there. Delivers extremely sharp images and the most realistic look. There are countless video recording applications, but when using Boosted: Marketing Video Maker. You will see differences that are only available in the application. A perfect video recorder is your great choice. It’s a pity if you often record videos and don’t know about them. The application synthesizes all video recording and editing features. Deliver quality videos and rich content. Bringing a sympathetic look from the audience and lots of positive comments.

Boosted Marketing Video Maker mod

Download Boosted: Marketing Video Maker mod – Create promotional videos

Boosted: Marketing Video Maker, you will be shown as the producer. Up the content, shooting angle, everything is up to you. The main application is the place for you to satisfy your passion for video recording. Let you have more ideas of your own for more and more engaging content and videos. Make promotional videos and post them on social networks. Boosted: Marketing Video Maker provides enough features for users to use. One of the video maker apps that you shouldn’t miss. Create your own style video. Show a variety of distinct colors. All made with Boosted: Marketing Video Maker.

Boosted Marketing Video Maker mod free

Create the scenes

Boosted: Marketing Video Maker is an application for you to create your own footage. Combining all the recording features, giving you a video maker. Create stunning, captivating scenes. Boosted: Marketing Video Maker is the playground for you. Create your own quality videos and footage. Easily create a video with simple steps if you are a beginner at video creation. You’ll also be using Boosted: Marketing Video Maker in no time. Because the creation is very simple, the footage is all aligned. Tools to customize videos and create colorful shots.

Boosted Marketing Video Maker mod apk

Customize video

Users will completely customize the videos to their liking. Boosted: Marketing Video Maker has provided all the tools for you to use. Font options, resize video. Boosted: Marketing Video Maker also offers a wide range of fonts. So that you can insert videos, add more fun to every video you create. Transform for promotional videos with a variety of content. It’s up to you to make each video appear with its own style. Tell as many stories to viewers through the video itself. Make every angle the most perfect. Edit professionally and make the video more beautiful.

Boosted Marketing Video Maker mod android

Video templates

Boosted: Marketing Video Maker with a collection of video templates. Let you choose and create according to the sample videos. Let users customize their own videos through the provided videos, colors, to images. Everything is brought to users by Boosted: Marketing Video Maker. Edit as you like and upload advertising content. To get the most perfect and realistic video. Post on social networking sites for more people to know. Gallery of beautiful photos and videos with you to create great content. The video maker combines many tools and uses video templates. Giving you the freedom to produce videos with your own personality.

Boosted: Marketing Video Maker is a video maker app. It’s not too difficult to own your own videos. Boosted: Marketing Video Maker is your place to produce countless videos. Increase creativity for each video. Use video creation tools with many effects. Colorful video filters. All created by Boosted: Marketing Video Maker. Deliver quality promotional videos with sharp images. Download Boosted: Marketing Video Maker mod video maker right now!

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