Bookmark Folder MOD APK (Unlocked) 5.2.12

Updated 23/09/2023 (5 days ago)
NameBookmark Folder APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce Bookmark Folder MOD APK

Do you use multiple browsers simultaneously and don’t know how to manage them? It’s time to take the help of Bookmark Folder. Arrange various browsers and their subpages in a more logical order. If you use multiple browsers, you will open many pages. When mixed, it isn’t easy to distinguish clearly and affects the operating speed. So rearranging them is very reasonable and scientific. We can use any page of any browser for many purposes in life. Are you ready to try Bookmark Folder?

Specifically, Bookmark Folder will gather all browsers into one. So all the pages of those browsers will also appear in the same place. So why do we need to do that? Because there are many cases where some websites are only usable on specific browsers. Combining them will make you surf the web faster. No need to waste time switching to other browsers is inconvenient. Not only that, you can design their layout as you like. All to give you the most comfortable experience.

Bookmark Folder mod

Download Bookmark Folder mod – Manage pages of multiple browsers separately

Bookmark Folder works by storing many different folders. Each folder is a separate space to hold the browser’s pages. You will create a new folder where many pages will be used later. The current number of popular browsers also includes Google, Bing, Opera… All are supported and can put pages inside Bookmark Folder. When there are many pages, they are like a single browser. The difference is that each page now belongs to a specific browser again. That’s how you use multiple browsers at the same time. Are there other more convenient tools out there? Of course, there is, and I will introduce it to you right in the next section.

Bookmark Folder mod apk

Add bookmarks from the browser

Bookmarking is the act of saving a particular page so that it can be viewed later. Bookmark Folder also has this feature but has been upgraded to be more perfect. You just share the pages from the original browser to the Bookmark Folder. They will appear instantly on this app for you to use all the time. Use the hide page function when you don’t want someone to see your page. It will be hidden, and only you know how to unlock them again. Use your fingers to arrange the pages in any order you like manually.

Bookmark Folder mod apk free

Change the look of pages

The current text layout and arrangement may not be suitable for reading comfortably. Then change them at any time. Use tools to change the font of standalone pages. Change the size and color of the text or background to avoid harming the eyes. The item view has many intuitive interfaces such as a grid or a list that are very scientific and beautiful. In addition, you can open bookmarks at any time from the status bar. All create many convenient factors and help you feel comfortable when surfing the web.

Bookmark Folder mod free

Fast data backup

Worried that you may lose your data whenever your smartphone is reset or lost? No need to worry because Bookmark Folder can handle this problem. By backing up data to multiple other devices using Bluetooth. With these backups, you can use them on any linked device. Just reload the app, and all the pages will appear there. This also helps you manage your work and entertainment needs even when the primary device is not nearby.

Bookmark Folder free

Save and organize pages of different browsers at the same time. Backing up data and transferring it to other devices is easy and secure. Bookmark Folder mod might be just what you need right now. An excellent app for information management and entertainment at the same time.

How to Download & Install Bookmark Folder MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android

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2. Click download and wait for the file to download to your device.
3. Install and enjoy


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