Bluetooth Volume Manager MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 2.57.0-rc0

Updated 19/09/2023 (9 months ago)
NameBluetooth Volume Manager APK
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Bluetooth Volume Manager

Bluetooth Volume Manager MOD APK is designed to help users control the volume of Bluetooth devices linked to their Android devices. This program allows users to maintain appropriate volume levels for each connected device by promptly responding to Bluetooth connection and disconnection events. Using Bluetooth devices to play music, make calls, and entertain has become common in today’s electronic world. However, one of the difficulties customers often encounter when using Bluetooth devices is conveniently managing the volume and properly meeting their listening requirements.

Bluetooth Volume Manager is the application individuals who regularly use Bluetooth devices need. With this software, users will not have to worry about Bluetooth devices suddenly increasing or decreasing the volume when connecting to them. At the same time, you can adjust every element of the Bluetooth connection experience to suit your requirements and enjoy uninterrupted music or entertainment.

Bluetooth Volume Manager mod apk free

Download Bluetooth Volume Manager MOD APK – Adjust volume for each aspect separately

Bluetooth Volume Manager’s ability to remember different volume levels for any type of audio, including music, calls, ringtones, and notification volumes of each Bluetooth device, is one of its standout features. To hear calls better, users may want to keep the book at a lower setting while listening to music at a higher stage. In addition, users can set and modify the volume level for each type of sound separately on each Bluetooth device using this application. This implies that users have complete control over their music and smartphone activities. Bluetooth Volume Manager users will not need to change the volume whenever they connect or disconnect different Bluetooth devices. The experience of listening to music and calling is also much more optimized.

Bluetooth Volume Manager mod

Control music and TV playback

The ability to transmit “Play” or “Next” commands to TV streaming devices is another valuable function of Bluetooth Volume Manager in addition to its volume management role. A process that makes controlling the playback of music and other media now easier than ever. Indeed, every individual often has to switch back and forth between devices when using a Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headset to control music or video playback. However, when using Bluetooth Volume Manager, “Play” and “Next” commands can be sent straight from the user’s phone to Bluetooth streaming devices. Users can skip tracks they don’t like without directly touching the player, pause or restart playback, and even manage slideshows on their big screen.

Bluetooth Volume Manager mod android free

Automatically activate your favorite applications

Bluetooth Volume Manager users can set the app to launch a specific app immediately whenever connecting to a particular Bluetooth device. For example, users can set it to launch their favorite music player whenever they pair a Bluetooth speaker or headset. This means that users do not need to do anything further to start playing music after pairing a Bluetooth device. Instead, everything is managed automatically, allowing users to start listening to their favorite music immediately. In addition to music players, users can use Bluetooth Volume Manager MOD APK to activate any application they want, from photo or video slideshow games to learning applications. Thus, users will quickly switch between entertainment options without difficulty

Bluetooth Volume Manager mod apk

Prevent automatic volume changes

Bluetooth Volume Manager provides overall volume management and control when paired with Bluetooth devices. Therefore, users do not need to worry that their volume level will change when connecting to Bluetooth devices. Usually, the system automatically adjusts the volume based on default settings when users connect phones and computers to Bluetooth speakers or headphones. This can cause discomfort when users enjoy their favorite music at the appropriate volume level when it suddenly increases or decreases for no reason. However, this problem can be solved entirely when using Bluetooth Volume Manager, which ensures that the user’s volume level is always maintained whether connecting or disconnecting Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Volume Manager mod android

Bluetooth Volume Manager MOD APK will give users unique and seamless audio experiences by remembering certain volume levels, sending media control commands, performing automatic configuration, and preventing changes to unwanted auto volume.

How to Download & Install Bluetooth Volume Manager MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) for Android


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