Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse MOD APK (Unlocked/No ads) 6.1.3

Updated 19/02/2024 (3 days ago)
NameBluetooth Keyboard & Mouse APK
PublisherAppground IO
MOD FeaturesUnlocked/No ads
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse

Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse MOD APK is an application that can solve all difficulties when using or connecting to wired keyboards and mice. This is a better choice for users who feel that wired keyboards and mice don’t have enough length to accommodate their flexible movements, and are frustrated that Bluetooth keyboards and mice can only work smooth within a certain range. This software will help individuals convert their smartphones into virtual keyboards and virtual mice, then easily operate any desktop computer as well as tablets. The touchscreen on the user’s Android device will allow the user to do anything they want with the connected device, even implementing new features.

Users will not need to use messy keyboards and mice as well as use limited Bluetooth connections. The only thing users need is simply their touch phone, then working on any type of computer is no problem. Convenient and nearly barrier-free, Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse offers great convenience for users who frequently rely on a keyboard and mouse.

Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse mod apk free

Download Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse MOD APK – Eliminate the bulkiness of wired and wireless keyboards and mice

For users who often have to handle work on computers such as students or office workers, both wireless and wired keyboards and mice are important and indispensable tools. This is also one of the reasons why luggage and traveling become much more difficult. But this difficulty will no longer exist when users seek the help of the Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse application, a virtual keyboard and mouse application that can eliminate the bulkiness of wired and wireless keyboards and mice. Those who are struggling with a heavy backpack or a briefcase full of items when going to school or work should definitely not ignore this software. The important thing is, it can quickly connect to any type of computer in a short time.

Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse mod android free

Turn your mobile phone into a virtual keyboard and mouse

When Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse is installed on a user’s mobile device, it immediately gives the user’s smartphone the ability to turn into a virtual keyboard and mouse. At this time, users only need to connect to the device using the keyboard and mouse to be able to control it easily. The special feature of the application is that it integrates both keyboard and mouse into a single screen. Brings convenience while optimizing the user’s storage space. When using Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse, individuals only need to move their fingers where the symbol is to control the mouse and type on the keyboard to enter the text they want. It offers a real-world feel and responsive touch controls, ensuring no lag whatsoever.

Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse mod

Control media files with dedicated mode

The said software does not just act as a common virtual keyboard and mouse but has dedicated mode that allows users to control multimedia connected devices. This implies that one can simply control movie or audios being played directly in Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse MOD APK within the application. Every play, pause, skip and volume adjustment is carried out simply by means of designated function. Therefore, users will no longer need to use multiple windows in order to track their control of media files. Alternatively, you’ll have no problem enjoying yourself as you traverse and manipulate your favourite music and films in one place.

Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse mod android

Supports multiple languages and voice assistants

Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse have supported different languages and layouts so that any user can have a smooth and comfortable experience. It does not matter, whether users arrive from distant Greece or even Japan; they will have an easy time using this app. This enables people to reshape on their own and make the default language of their own dialect. Another feature of Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse is the support voice assistant; this enables users to access their device through their vocal commands eliminating manual operations. In addition, it not only saves time but also enables individuals to handle issues faster.

Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse mod apk

Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse MOD APK has a simple set of functions coupled with a reliable implementation that will allow users of Android on various platforms such as desktop and tablet to connect freely to one’s mobile device without complications to be used. Access your wireless keyboard and mouse with ease.

How to Download & Install Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse MOD APK (Unlocked/No ads) for Android


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