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Updated 19/02/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameBlockerX APK
PublisherAtmana, Inc.
CategoryLife Style
MOD FeaturesSubscribed
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK BlockerX

The name says it all. BlockerX is a tool to help you block access to many different platforms according to your requirements. Two purposes are to protect your information’s safety, and the second is to prevent unauthorized access from third parties to such information. Sometimes you can use it to avoid malicious communication, and valuable information that can even bring malicious code to smartphones will be blocked. When you surf the web, you will significantly reduce the risk of encountering bad and unreputable websites.

BlockerX acts as a filter in your smartphone. Based on the source code of many different websites and platforms. It can detect a poor-quality website. Or inform you that you should not access this application. Many unfortunate incidents have happened, with the result that users lose their information. That is why BlockerX was born. Although it is only in the testing phase, it has already achieved many desirable outcomes.

BlockerX mod

Download BlockerX mod – Blocker of unknown platforms

The easiest to understand, this is an application that allows you to block a particular website. The choice of websites to stop will be up to you. And, of course, if you have to secure a website, it means that they don’t feel safe enough for you. BlockerX only integrates a single button, so you can directly block a website. And if you want to unblock, press that button again. Simplicity is combined to the maximum so that the user does not feel too much trouble.

Not only does it block malicious content, but BlockerX also interrupts the activity of adult content operating on your mobile device. So from now on, it will be pretty easy for children to use phones safely. It would be best if you still had a certain degree of censorship to ensure its level of censorship. Above all, rest assured of how BlockerX works.

BlockerX mod apk

Easy search to remove

You can hardly check all the sensitive content on your phone. Then use the search bar to filter them out. Type related keywords so they can appear. Then choose to block it, and you’ve completed the task. BlockerX will filter from famous search engines like Google, Bing… Even videos on Youtube will be controlled to a certain extent. If not surprised, you will also have to admire the careful selection of its content.

BlockerX mod apk free

Lock apps to help focus

Have you ever fallen into the feeling of losing focus on a particular task or assignment? It’s all because social networking apps are constantly showing notifications. You can’t hold back and watch them then wholly lose focus on your work. If so, the App Block function will help you a lot. It will block the notifications section of social networking applications. Allows you to focus on your work entirely. At a higher level, you will not access that application for a certain period.

BlockerX mod free

Join a separate community

Do you think BlockerX has a community dedicated to discussing software and content issues? It is undoubtedly unbelievable that this forum has more than 100,000 members. All are active in discussing various problems about the content of the software. Whether one app and the other deserve to be blocked, make requests to change blocking practices in the future. You should join if you want to learn and debate the content of the web.

Cooperate with others

It can be challenging for you to give up bad habits for a long time. Once a practice, it won’t be easy to break. So I think you might consider finding another person to be your partner. Both are in the process of giving up bad habits that affect health, and that’s why you can share with the other person so that you both create a good pattern. Don’t be distracted by apps on your phone while at work and many extra-curricular activities.

BlockerX free

More functions than an app that blocks terrible websites. BlockerX helps you connect with many people in the forum to discuss relevant content topics for us to follow. Find a partner to get rid of your bad habits together. BlockerX mod is just what you need if you feel like you’re too lenient with online content.

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