Black Screen MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) 1.6.7

Updated 29/06/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameBlack Screen APK
MOD FeaturesPro Unlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Black Screen

Black Screen MOD APK is the tool we want to use. This tool can bring about a fantastic change. A practical solution to save a considerable amount of battery for the device. It helps to use it longer without having to trade anything. Enhance our experiences in leisure and work activities. Completely streamline operations you might not otherwise need. An application that brings high efficiency with a simple method. Eliminate all redundant elements that you do not want to use. Complete all that we have when we become intelligent users.

We often need a black screen to save resources when using specific activities. That is listening to music or watching videos with very few operations. Leaving the device operating for a long time may lead to unwanted harmful effects. So, there needs to be an app that can regulate all of these things. It provides a black screen whenever you are not using it. Establish a simple but effective habit that lasts. You no longer have to operate in a tiring and complicated way when it comes to enjoying all the most enjoyable activities on your own ever, anything is ready for the emotions to rise in a good direction.

Black Screen mod

Download Black Screen mod app – Works when the screen is turned off.

All your activities can now save much more battery capacity. So how will this be done? You need to download the application from the store to your device. Then, activate the application so it can adjust the machine. Now, your entertainment activities can be done with the screen off. Whether watching movies and manipulating or listening to music, you can do it quickly. It simplifies everything you have to do. You will see that after turning off the screen, we will not need to charge the battery too much anymore. Feel free to use all the features in the best way.

Use on-screen off.

Turning off the screen means typically you won’t be able to use any other operations. But when there is a Black Screen mod apk, everything is opposite. Now, we can watch videos and customize functions even when the screen is off. Play or pause the song as desired when the screen is no longer lit. Listen to podcasts without having to display anything on the net. You can even record a video or stream it. The screen not being bright doesn’t mean we can’t work. It simply saves battery life and can be turned back on whenever you need to complete something important.

Black Screen mod free

Customize functions

You can customize the application’s functions to suit your needs. When using the application, we must enable the black screen. After activating this feature, there will be two options for you to use. The first is the always-on-display feature, which is quite popular. This feature can help the phone display the time. But during exhibition the screen will turn off, and only what is allowed to appear can appear. It can support devices that do not have this feature available. Finally, there is a simple one-touch function to unlock the screen. It helps you quickly operate without having to do too much.

Black Screen mod apk

Take advantage of floating buttons.

We need to lock the screen after operations to avoid intrusion threats. Black Screen gives you a floating button that is always present on the side. You need to touch that button to lock the screen immediately. This operation will take less than a second to complete. This floating button will allow you to avoid using the power button combinations. It is impossible to combine the operation of turning off the screen to become as fast and neat as possible. Therefore, we will turn off the screen and listen to music as quickly as possible. Maximum protection for your device while in use. Intruders will not be able to carry out their intentions.

Black Screen mod android

Now, you know an effective way to save energy on your device. It will make a huge impact even though it’s just a few small steps. It even optimizes entertainment activities right on your phone. It allows you to enable some unique features. Take advantage of these features to better support your work. Feel free to use Black Screen mod apk without worrying.

How to Download & Install Black Screen MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) for Android


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