Battle Bouncers MOD APK (Menu, High Damage/Skill) 1.21.4

Updated 08/10/2021 (3 years ago)
NameBattle Bouncers APK
PublisherGame Hive Corporation
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, High Damage/Skill
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Battle Bouncers MOD APK detail?


  • High Skill Damage
  • High Attack Damage
  • Higher Attack Count (Activate before Battle)
  • Skill always available (Mana decrease)

Introduce MOD APK Battle Bouncers

After moments of stress and fatigue, we often find comfortable places. Battle Bouncers mod will give you those feelings right on your device. Build impregnable defenses to protect what you want. Control the great heroes with the ultimate moves. Join fierce battles with the most dangerous dark forces. Please make your own history and prove that no one is capable of surpassing themselves.

In general terms, Battle Bouncers seems to be quite simple compared to other games. It is inspired by classic ball shooting games on mobile devices. But all improved in a completely new style. Help a somewhat dull game become surprisingly attractive to players. The game’s graphics are made in a battle style with a lot of details and beautiful images. Sound is also what will push the fight to its climax.

Battle Bouncers mod

Download Battle Bouncers mod – Fight against hidden dark forces

In a kingdom full of war, talented people will always have to go to war. So why do they have to fight? Because there is a special force with terrifying darkness deploying to invade everywhere. So to fight against the significant attacks requires the heroes to stand together. You are an outstanding commander capable of bringing them to the top of glory. The method is straightforward, pull the magic rope to accumulate energy for the light bullet. Select the appropriate angle and release to let the shell follow the pre-calculated path. When the enemy is destroyed, you will win and pass the game screen.

Battle Bouncers mod free

Gather the Warriors

To defend effectively, we need to recruit the strongest warriors. Your team will have a maximum of five different people working together to attack. They will be divided into Elf, Robot, Human, Dwarf, Undead, and Beast races. Those races will have Magic character classes, Tech, Knight, Brute, Rogue, Priest, and Ranger. Your team needs to combine many diverse heroes to increase efficiency. For a typical example, we have Astra of the Elf race as a mage. Astra can restore health or energy to the whole team during battle. Don’t let their HP run out, or they will die instantly.

An excellent way to play

If you want to succeed in defeating enemies that are approaching you, you must be smart. The shooting angle is the crucial factor for you to deal the most damage to the enemy. It is necessary to make full use of the path of this powerful bullet. You can choose diagonal shooting angles to make the bullet’s path more virtual. Deals damage to multiple enemies and creates the most advantage in one turn. Next to where the enemy stands, there are also walls that you can take advantage of. Pour the hero’s power into the shot by activating their skills. Creates quality attacks and destroys everything that passes through.

Battle Bouncers mod apk

Dangerous Enemy

In addition to just attacking, you also need to focus on seeing who your enemy is. From the weakest to their superior commanders will appear. Priority should be given to destroying the stronger ones to avoid them approaching you. If you get close to them, you can do a lot of damage. Moreover, be very careful with dangerous bosses. They will appear at the most critical moments in the war. Massive size, along with infinite attack power, can sweep your team in a few turns. Create legends as you destroy these perils on your own.

Battle Bouncers mod android

Unique features

If you want to increase your difficulty level, activate Heroic mode. It will allow you to go to the classes you have passed but with a more terrible difficulty. Create a variety of challenges with a significantly improved number of enemies. With tower mode, your heroes can fight endlessly. It contains attractive rewards such as gold, skill upgrade shards, and passes. The SHARDS feature will allow your heroes to unlock and directly level up in battle. Finally, there is the guild, where you can find yourself friends to support each other.

Coming to Battle Bouncers mod, you will experience a new level of ball shooting game. Immerse yourself on a great battlefield with a variety of beautiful effects. Own a lot of your favorite heroes and make them stronger.

How to Download & Install Battle Bouncers MOD APK (Menu, High Damage/Skill) for Android


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