Basketball Stars MOD APK (Auto Perfect, Backboard, Lucky Ball/Stupid AI) 1.48.1

Updated 22/06/2023 (11 months ago)
NameBasketball Stars APK
MOD FeaturesAuto Perfect, Backboard, Lucky Ball/Stupid AI
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Basketball Stars MOD APK detail?

1. Always Perfect Shot
– Shot is always Perfect (must go in hoop)
2. Always Backboard Hit
– Always get Backboard bonus without hitting it
3. Always Lucky Ball
– (Works Against AI Only) Each ball is lucky ball = +2 points per shot
4. Dumb AI
– (Works Against AI Only) Enemy doesn’t move

Introduce MOD APK Basketball Stars

Referring to basketball, surely all of us feel familiar. Since its creation, it has become a culture that appears everywhere. But for some people, playing basketball becomes a bit difficult. So why not try playing Basketball Stars instead of going out tired and losing time? Participate in intense solo matches between basketball masters. Overcome obstacles to complete powerful throws.

Unusual basketball games will feature common team styles. But Basketball Stars does not follow the same old direction. Instead, there are competitions like the masters against each other. These are matches that focus on skill rather than teamwork. Along with that, the 3D graphics give you the most realistic feeling. Make your pitches great in every moment. Nothing can stop the fighting spirit in each of us. Show your talent in different ways.

Basketball Stars mod

Download Basketball Stars mod – Show off your basketball skills.

In the world of basketball, in addition to professional league matches, we will look at it from a different angle. Those are the street talents that don’t follow any pattern for playing simply because of his burning passion. To compete against each other, these people will compete in the number of times the ball hits the basket. Very fair and shows the accuracy of his personal technique. You will control your character to throw the ball properly into the basket. Each time the ball goes through the basket, you will receive an extra point for yourself. If your number of hits is higher than the opponent’s, you will win. Be careful because if you miss too much, you will lose.

To improve your throwing skills, you must first stay calm. Breakthrough the opponent’s defense with dribbling. If at a long distance, you have to put the center of gravity in the right direction and align the force of the throw. If you’re close, always use up the basket to make sure you don’t miss a chance to score.

Basketball Stars mod free

Real-time matches

Real-time means that in a match, there is only a certain amount of time. It will count down, and the two of you will start your duel. If time runs out, whoever has the highest score wins. But if the score is tied, there will be extra time to decide the winner. It will take place within minutes at an unbelievably fast pace. Save your playing time in a much more efficient way. However, you must be very quick and precise to defeat your opponent. Please don’t give them a chance to take the lead and keep a safe distance in confrontations. Don’t be shy if you have to take a loss. Start over.

Basketball Stars mod apk

Ranked Matches

Want to know what your skill level is? So let’s go to ranked mode, where you will have to fight a lot of masters. They are players with much lower, equal, or even more experience than you. To rank up, you will have to win and accumulate a certain number of points. The more you win, the higher your score will be and the easier it will be to be at the top. But it’s not easy at all because it’s a process of training. Being exposed to many opponents, you will become more proficient. Face difficult situations and deal with them rationally. Fight hard to get even higher achievements later.

Basketball Stars mod apk free

Gorgeous outfit

Costumes are what make our characters cooler. A person’s appearance also makes a huge impression on society. So you can absolutely choose for yourself a really reasonable style. Combine different clothes to form a complete outfit—different colors, when worn, create a new look. If you are a person with a special aesthetic, this can be done more effectively. No matter how you look, you will always be recognized. New skills are what make you who you really are. Taking care of your appearance is taking care of your character.

Basketball Stars mod android

Unique places

The battle site is the place where two people can decide to fight fairly. Lots of arenas are created for you to come and fight. Each location will be designed with a typical street style. Painted textures or works are depicted in detail. If you feel a field is too boring, it can be changed continuously. There is nothing like fighting many new opponents in different locations. This is even better than the large-scale tournament matches being held. Basketball Stars mod will give you a feeling not found anywhere.

How to Download & Install Basketball Stars MOD APK (Auto Perfect, Backboard, Lucky Ball/Stupid AI) for Android


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I want to become a king in basketball stars

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I want to become a king in basketball stars Can you help me do that

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