Background Video Recorder Pro MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) 9.4.99

Updated 05/12/2023 (1 day ago)
NameBackground Video Recorder Pro APK
PublisherArbel Solutions
CategoryVideo Editor
MOD FeaturesPro Unlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Background Video Recorder Pro

Background Video Recorder Pro MOD APK is a handy tool for recording videos on their phone without using the camera app. Thanks to the feature, users of this application can secretly record special moments and memorable events in their lives, such as lectures, disasters, meetings, or funny situations of friends and relatives. Run underground. This helps users not miss any great moments and ensures that no one can detect the user recording a video. Press the red button in the center of the screen, so the user can secretly start the video recording process.

Background Video Recorder Pro will be a trusted friend whether you want to record essential discussions, collect evidence for security reasons or want to remember special moments. The app also allows users to hide icons and instructions, allowing them to record completely undetectable. Discover the significant advantages of Background Video Recorder Pro by using it today.

Background Video Recorder Pro mod

Download Background Video Recorder Pro MOD APK – Professional, advanced background video recording

Background Video Recorder Pro software allows users to record videos on their mobile phones professionally and securely. The background recording option saves users from having to worry about video interruptions. Users of this application have access to many customization options for the recording process, such as resolution, frame rate, audio quality, and recording time. It is also possible to automatically save the video after recording and specify the time. With the background recording feature, Background Video Recorder Pro will help users record conversations, record important events or use it as a security management tool to monitor the security of the living area. Living.

Background Video Recorder Pro mod apk

Track the movements

The Background Video Recorder Pro application can track and record movements reliably and efficiently. With the help of advanced technology, this program can work in the background and start recording as soon as motion is detected in the frame. The app’s motion tracking feature has been designed to identify and categorize items in the frame by characteristics such as size, shape, and movement speed. The software can only record crucial movements by eliminating unnecessary movements, reducing storage space, and increasing the device’s processing power. Moreover, Background Video Recorder Pro provides many setting settings so that users can customize how the motion is tracked with sensitivity, timeout, and other parameters to adjust the recording process.

Background Video Recorder Pro mod android free

Support home security monitoring

Users can easily film and record all the activities in the home environment with background video recording without explicitly launching the application and home security monitoring capabilities of Background Video Recorder Pro MOD APK safely. This program assists users in ensuring that they do not miss any important events as it is capable of continuous video recording and starts immediately when motion is detected. The recording feature can also capture ambient noise, giving a complete picture of what’s happening. Users can quickly access and check data when needed thanks to the application that can save recorded video and audio on the phone’s internal memory or the SD card.

Background Video Recorder Pro mod android

Preview without image before recording

With the ability to show a preview before recording, the Background Video Recorder Pro app allows users to see what will be recorded on the camera before recording a video. Before recording a video, users can use this preview to check the frame to ensure the correct angle and view. Changing the rotation angle is extremely easy, helping users get the most accurate and beautiful shooting angles to meet their purposes. This is especially useful when documenting essential events, such as weddings or birthdays, or making a tribute film. In addition, the preview mode of Background Video Recorder Pro helps users prevent unnecessary frames from being recorded, saving both storage space and time in post-production.

Background Video Recorder Pro mod apk free

Anyone who needs to record videos in the background will find the Background Video Recorder Pro MOD APK helpful application. This software makes video recording simpler and more professional by providing several valuable features, including motion detection, home security monitoring, schedule recording, and photo capture.

How to Download & Install Background Video Recorder Pro MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) for Android


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