Baby Tracker MOD APK (Gold unlocked) 4.53.0

Updated 17/04/2024 (3 days ago)
NameBaby Tracker APK
MOD FeaturesGold unlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Baby Tracker

You are a nursing mother and taking care of a baby. The baby is still in the phase of feeding and eating solids. For children to develop in the best way, it is necessary to have scientific knowledge. Baby Care is an application dedicated to mothers who are taking care of their babies. The application is convenient and has enough useful child care methods. Baby Care will equip you with more knowledge about raising children. Follow up with children’s diets and add many nutrients. Baby Care will be an indispensable application for you. Be a friend and will bring all the useful knowledge about parenting. Care for newborns properly and more effectively.

The first time you welcome your first child, you will face many difficulties. Surprised at diaper changes, and even at eating. Therefore, you need to add more knowledge about raising children. There are many information channels and books about how to care for children properly. Baby Care is one of them, a convenient means to satisfy users. The main function of the application is to monitor and provide a reasonable diet for your child. So that the child will be comprehensively developed and eat enough nutrients. Breastfeed and control your baby’s weight and changes. Baby Care will accompany and bring outstanding functions to you.

Baby Care mod

Download Baby Care mod – Diet, reasonable care for children

To absorb good nutrients, it is necessary to have a safe and reasonable diet. The application always ensures that users have the right ways to take care of their children. Know how to supplement and breastfeed on time. Monitor and perform activities for your baby to be clean and change diapers faster. Baby Care will be an application that synthesizes many ways for users to apply. All the worries of being a mother for the first time will be gone. Baby Care will bring convenience and help users do it easily. Let your child grow up and develop in the best way. Supplement food ingredients and milk rich in nutrients. The baby’s development process will be controlled by Baby Care every day. As a mother who always wants the best for her child, do not ignore Baby Care. An application that will bring useful information.

Baby Care mod free

Keep track of meals

You are combining breastfeeding and weaning. Baby Care also supports and monitors daily. Check the amount of milk you express and breastfeed. Ensure that there is no shortage or excess when put into your child’s body. Feed your baby with the right amount of milk. At the same time, when weaning, the mother will also know how to choose delicious foods and prepare them. From there, it will make children want to eat and grow faster. The situation of children who are lazy to eat is still a lot, which is a concern of many parents. Therefore, the diet is essential, affecting the development of the baby. Baby Care always adds weaning menus so moms can learn. Breastfeeding and weaning most scientifically. The application will check the meals and, together with the user, make the most effective. Feed your child at the right time, at the right time, and with all the necessary nutrients.

Baby Care mod apk

Control weight, height

The change in your baby’s height and weight will also be checked by Baby Care. Please measure your child’s height and weight to see him grow day by day. Based on that, you will also know how your child’s body absorbs nutrients. Measure daily and watch your baby change. Baby Care doesn’t just let you learn more child-rearing knowledge. The application also provides a full range of outstanding functions. To support and monitor your baby’s many activities. Let your child grow tall and have a stable weight. It is a way to take care of children with a lot of useful information channels. Give your baby a body that is not too fat or too thin. An ideal height in the future will also depend on nutrition and care.

Baby Care mod android

Life mode

Baby Care will have a meal and sleep timers so that your baby can be active on time. Forming habits for children from an early age, let them do it every day. Baby Care always synthesizes knowledge as well as provides ways to do science. Milking time, diaper change, meal time… everything is available in Baby Care. The application will help parents know how to live properly and in accordance with their children’s time. From ways to feed and sleep properly are the methods for children to grow up. Record and watch all of your baby’s activities and moments. There are charts that record the metrics for users to easily observe. Download Baby Care mod to take care of children with scientific methods.

How to Download & Install Baby Tracker MOD APK (Gold unlocked) for Android


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