Awesome Tanks MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.388

Updated 29/09/2023 (13 hours ago)
NameAwesome Tanks APK
PublisherQuiz & Trivia Games by Mno Go Apps
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce Awesome Tanks MOD APK

Awesome Tanks MOD APK – is an exciting and engaging experience when you will become a tank soldier and directly fight in the fiery battlefields. The fighting style will be diversified with a variety of weapons. You can choose explosive ammunition with great destructive power to feel like you are driving a real wartime tank. Or you can choose a variety of other bullets that have been improved to match the gameplay of others and stimulate creativity. Attack the most heavily guarded places and grab the boss. Use the money earned through each life-and-death battle to upgrade weapons and buy new tanks.

The game is a classic tank shooting genre that has appeared for a long time on the market, the 2D battle environment is highly nostalgic and the top-down perspective will give players a feeling of familiarity and enjoyment. Animal. Because the image and control method is not complicated, it is easy to get used to; new players will quickly master how the tank works and remember all the terrain. However, mastering and becoming a good player is difficult because every enemy move is highly unpredictable. You’ll likely injure yourself if you stand too close to explosive barrels and fire without realizing it.

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Download Awesome Tanks MOD APK – Death war of armoured vehicles

Every war has a purpose, and in the game, you will be a tank soldier fighting those plotting to destroy the planet. The enemy troops were so powerful that they armed the entire squad with improved tanks, and their power was more potent than destructive weapons. The battlefield was now just a place for metal chariots to compete, without any chance for a single infantryman to survive. The battle terrain will be built with solid square blocks. Take advantage of the terrain to hide and attack the opponent when the opportunity arises. Please stay away from dynamite crates and shoot them to burn enemies alive.

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Advanced Weapons

Your equipment is all made from unique materials, and they will shoot out mighty energy balls. You can select the barrel to determine the type of firepower you use. If you choose a six-barreled gun, you will become a true gunner when firing a storm of bullets at the enemy at extremely high speed. The missile is a somewhat risky choice when its reload speed is relatively long compared to the other two weapons but the destructive range is extremely scary. Finally, the energy gun will fire round bullets in large numbers at the enemy, which is often the choice of novice rookies.

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Collect and improve

To continue the war, you must level up the tank and improve the weapon’s effectiveness. But to do that, you need gold coins; you can earn gold coins through battles. You get one more time every time you kill an enemy, so don’t hesitate to shoot everything in sight. Especially when meeting big bosses, you will receive a considerable amount of money when you defeat them. Don’t forget that you must balance your finances because when you get to high levels, the upgrades are no longer cheap, and you will quickly run out of money.

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Fight wisely

Going to battle and destroying everything is only available at the initial familiarization levels; the higher the level, the more annoying the opponent cars become. Not only are they more robust, but the damage done to you cannot be underestimated. Just a tiny mistake; you will die and have to start the game again. Therefore, hide in positions that can be hidden from the enemy’s sight and attack suddenly to destroy. People are hiding in the closed wall, and you are forced to break the wall to fight. In this case, shoot continuously and immediately destroy the arrow standing close to the wall to save time.

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Confront the leaders

In the thousands of war vehicles outside the battlefield, a commander is always at the top and commands all actions. They were perfectly protected, and their power reached the threshold of absolute destruction. But the greater the risk, the more worthy the result. You will have tremendous money to upgrade equipment by destroying these oligarchs. Fight to protect world peace and fight evil at Awesome Tanks MOD APK.

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