Avia Maps Aeronautical Charts APK 3.11.3

Updated 31/07/2023 (2 months ago)
NameAvia Maps Aeronautical Charts APK
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Introduce Avia Maps Aeronautical Charts MOD APK

The increasingly modern world entails the ideological development of applications. Besides the basic applications, there are also special applications that help people expand and learn more new knowledge. What if the old map merely told us about the traffic and location of every city worldwide? Now users can also view the most detailed aviation maps of other countries through the Avia Maps Aeronautical Charts application. Not only know the countries’ path and beauty, but users can now easily understand the operation of international air routes. This is an excellent application for users who are pilots or have passion and want to pursue this profession.

Avia Maps Aeronautical Charts will provide a lot of information for users to strengthen their aviation industry knowledge. However, the application is still handy even if the user is not a pilot—especially those who travel often and must constantly travel by plane. Avia Maps Aeronautical Charts lets users know all information about their flight and route when going to other cities and countries.

Avia Maps Aeronautical Charts mod android

Download Avia Maps Aeronautical Charts mod – Search for aviation information in any country

Avia Maps Aeronautical Charts is an aeronautical map application that can help users update information about all domestic and international flights. Not only that, but the application’s know applications knowledge, stance and landing time determine the fuel needed for a perfect getaway. Except for Antarctica, information about the airspace of every country is available here for users to freely search and research. In addition, thanks to the accurate weather forecast system of Avia Maps Aeronautical Charts, flights will also be carried out smoothly. And users will always be prepared to respond to changes when travelling to other countries.

Avia Maps Aeronautical Charts mod android free

Plan your flight

If you want to become a pilot, flight planning is essential. With the support of Avia Maps Aeronautical Charts, this job will become even more accessible than ever. Users only need to select the remaining destination and let this application handle everything. It can accurately calculate the climb performance, fuel consumption, power and endurance of different configuration aircraft. This will help users understand which aircraft are suitable for long flights and which are ideal for short-day getaways. Also, while flying, the overlay of the terrain on the map will automatically change the colour of hills and mountains depending on the altitude so that users can calculate their distance from the ground.

Avia Maps Aeronautical Charts mod apk free

Display aeronautical chart information

In Avia Maps Aeronautical Charts, users can find more than 65,000 airports, 9 thousand and 15,000 waypoints globally, and the airspace of 62 countries on almost every continent except Antarctica. Never mind. Government, with just one click, all information about that country’s airspace will appear in the most complete and detailed way. This makes it possible for users to quickly check flight information or calculate flight routes for trips at work or home. There is no need to go to each country to learn about this with the presence of Avia Maps Aeronautical Charts. And through this application, users can also choose which airport is suitable to land for their trip.

Avia Maps Aeronautical Charts mod

Accurate weather forecast

Weather is the most critical factor that can significantly impact flights. So forecasting the weather before flying is necessary, and Avia Maps Aeronautical Charts can completely do this for the user. It can accurately predict the weather of the globe; with high resolution from DWD of Germany and NOAA of the USA, the map will show extremely clearly cloud cover, ceiling, the quantity of rain and wind in the sky and even on the ground. Thanks to this forecast, users can create a suitable flight route unaffected by the weather. At the same time, there will also be a complete preparation of furniture to suit the weather of the country that the user himself is about to fly to.

Avia Maps Aeronautical Charts mod apk

Viewing aeronautical maps of every country has never been so easy. Even when you’re on an aeroplane and don’t have a cell phone signal, you can still access Avia Maps Aeronautical Charts by downloading a map of your destination. Download the Avia Maps Aeronautical Charts mod to understand the airspace information of most countries in the world and make reason, unable calculations for your needs.

How to Download & Install Avia Maps Aeronautical Charts APK for Android

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