Animated Photo Widget + APK 10.2.0

Updated 30/04/2022 (2 years ago)
NameAnimated Photo Widget + APK
PublisherHikaru Inc.
MOD FeaturesN/A
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Animated Photo Widget +

The widget is a part of a smartphone that brings great benefits to users. Animated Photo Widget + will contribute to making them more attractive. Unfortunately, this widget design app does not have many unique functions. It simply helps to change the effect and appearance of the widgets. Assisting users to experience many different styles. It is also quite attractive and worth a try in many recreational or work environments. Changing a little from effects to graphics, colors… It’s enough to make the smartphone’s appearance completely changed. You’ll want to use them and change them every day.

Animated Photo Widget + provides beautiful photos as the central theme of the widget. Perhaps you have been faced and used to a boring interface. With this app, everything can change completely. Choose from hundreds of thousands of beautiful photos in Animated Photo Widget +’s library. Use it as the theme wallpaper of the widget you are using. It will be more suitable if it is right on the main screen. Because open the screen and you can see it. The operation could not be more convenient and sophisticated while maintaining its quality and artistic intentions.

Animated Photo Widget mod

Download Animated Photo Widget + mod – Download wallpapers for unique widgets

Huge stock of background images is what you can see as soon as you first access Animated Photo Widget +. Feel free to choose any photos you like. Then download them and use them right away. It doesn’t preload all the images for you because that takes up a lot of space. After you have selected it, edit it so that it is beautiful and delicate when placed on the smartphone screen. Maybe you want to stand out with a full-screen photo. Or else, just being in a small corner is attractive and luxurious enough. This will make a lot more sense if you use your images in your life. Choose from an unlimited number of images.

Animated Photo Widget mod apk

Photo editing tools

You may not like using the photos right away. Instead, I want to fix it to make it look more beautiful and suitable for you. With Animated Photo Widget +, this is not a problem. It provides dozens of tools for you to edit photos like many other photography applications. We can easily resize, rotate any image angle, and cut the excess out of the image. Adjust the brightness and contrast of the color types. Designing and making your unique photo will be so much better, right?

Animated Photo Widget mod apk free

More interesting characters

Of course, Animated Photo Widget + allows you to add characters and letters inside the image. It’s a great way to give your photos a name or add some cool effects. Choose the right font for each photo because it will have a pretty bad composition if it doesn’t. Choose from unique products such as glowing text, shadows, and color changes. Anything you like that goes well with the photo will create perfect harmony. Prioritize choosing background images and fonts that match your phone’s home screen.

Animated Photo Widget mod free

Album playback

Leaving a wallpaper shows perseverance and maintenance. However, they will be pretty boring for some people after a while. Maybe you want to change your style but think it will get boring very quickly. So what if we change them continuously. You don’t even have to do it manually. So please select the list of photos you want to convert on the widget. Set a fixed time for each image transfer. So every once in a while, you will see a new widget background image. Such a download is not bad.

Animated Photo Widget free

Use existing photos or take them with your own hands. Add the unique effects and characters that add a bit of flair. You have in hand hundreds of works to use as your amazing widget wallpaper. Animated Photo Widget + mod will push your creativity and art to the fullest.

How to Download & Install Animated Photo Widget + APK for Android


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