Ammo Fever MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Cash) 0.17

Updated 01/05/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameAmmo Fever APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Cash
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
Ammo Fever MOD APK detail?

V1 : Menu

Unlimited Cash

V2 : Free Shopping

Introduce MOD APK Ammo Fever

Ammo Fever MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Cash) is a new and dramatic base defence game. Play as a green stickman armed with a giant machine gun. You always have to stand close to your machine gun to be ready to face the riot—an army simulation war filled with the smell of gunpowder and bullets. Many stick people with different colours continuously go to the base area of your military zone to attack. The number of bullets in the player’s machine gun is limited, so players must have intelligent strategies. But after each fight, the player can pick up ammo and money from the battlefield to improve the defence.

The zombies attack non-stop, but fear is unnecessary when you have a powerful weapon. Each shot has the effect of killing one zombie. Therefore, if you miss, you have missed the opportunity to win. In addition, you can also combine many types of weapons to save power and increase the possibility of victory. The more combinations, the more the firepower increases, the more likely it is to kill violent monsters. Make all the zombies who want to invade your base terrified. A red line separates your base and the enemy area. The bell and warning light will be turned on as long as the enemy crosses this boundary.

Ammo Fever mod

Download Ammo Fever APK mod – Build a line of machine guns to defend the zombie army entering the base.

As you know, the battle screen is divided into two parts. Part is the enemy’s path; the other part is the base area you need to protect. There are light white squares with dashed outlines arranged close together. This is the area where the player places his guns. You can choose an arbitrary position based on the strategy you want. After feeling satisfied, start this tough fight. As soon as the player notices the appearance of a zombie, they can fire their gun. Or players can wait for them to move closer to be able to aim more accurately.

Ammo Fever mod apk

Multiple locations

All the locations the game offers are islands on a blue sea. Players can unlock each island’s new locations. Just complete all the requirements of each area that the game sets out. Each location has new environmental conditions that the player can explore. Such as an island covered by a green forest. Or a sandy desert, sometimes with the appearance of cacti. Or a city area with asphalt roads stretching straight. A graveyard exudes gloom with arid tree stumps. These locations also have obstacles that can prevent slower enemies from moving.

Ammo Fever apk

Machine gun upgrade

Let the player’s machine gun array be able to destroy more enemies. Players can upgrade the stats of their machine guns to increase their chances of winning wars, including the player’s attack, ammo or health stats. Use the screws obtained in the battle to enhance these stats. The number of bullets will be shown in a green horizontal bar above your gun. In addition, players can buy more machine guns to build the most vigorous defence. Line up a line of machine gun defence without gaps; it is difficult for the enemy to penetrate the base.

Ammo Fever apk free

Strong enemy

Ammo Fever APK 0.17 is a level game, and and the game’s difficulty will gradually increase. The number of zombies appears more and more; players can rely on the required horizontal bar that the game offers. Every time the player kills an enemy, this horizontal bar will be filled with colour. Certain levels where the player may clash with stronger zombies represented by a crown. Initially just basic zombies with many colours such as purple, red, and green. Later they were also equipped with armour and helmets. Only when the player destroys that protection can they be killed?

Ammo Fever android

Behind the player’s back is an area made of grey concrete. This is the area that helps players when giving players new bullets. After a certain amount of time, these bullets are moved through the transmission to the character’s area. The larger the base area, the higher the chance of owning more support weapons. Players can expand the land with green dollars. Download Ammo Fever MOD APK to build a defensive line of machine guns against attacking zombies.

How to Download & Install Ammo Fever MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Cash) for Android


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