Age of Caves: Idle Primitive MOD APK (Menu, God mode/High Damage) 1.11.3

Updated 12/09/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameAge of Caves: Idle Primitive APK
PublisherWGames Studio
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/High Damage
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Age of Caves: Idle Primitive MOD APK Information

  • Skill Always Usable
  • Skill DMG x15
  • Dumb Enemy (no Move)
  • God mode

Introduce Age of Caves: Idle Primitive MOD APK

We cannot live a stable life without the necessary food every day. Then let’s find these essentials in the prehistoric world of Age of Caves: Idle Primitive. Here you will build a strong and growing human tribe. Hunt all other animals to create your food source. Fight with enemies to protect your territory and expand your tribe even more. Your empire will be something that cannot be easily defeated.

Idle games are not as dull as you might think, and it has great things that other games cannot do. The exciting features included in Age of Caves: Idle Primitive are the most evident proof of this. Handcuffs with quizzes are vivid 2D images that bring fun and create an extremely entertaining feeling without any stress to the player. Worthy of what you expect and believe in.

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Hunting has always been an indispensable activity of primitive people. But they also face a lot of risk in doing these things. So you will be the one to guide them in the right direction to develop in the best way. Gather warriors and lead them to places where there is food. Destroy giant animals with rudimentary but effective weapons. The warriors will not stop fighting to bring back meat for the tribe. You can use this meat to upgrade necessary things and improve your life. Create stronger armies and strengthen the number of team members.

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Unlock new units

In Age of Caves: Idle Primitive, you can create and combine a variety of ways to make many types of formations. From melee armies, ride thunder lizards or giant beasts like gorillas or saber-toothed tigers. The characteristics of each unit are different, so that you can use it for many purposes. You can create both offensive and comprehensive formations. You can also be more offensive or defensive with your preferences. But make sure to be durable so as not to be defeated by the enemy. However, there will also be formations that can counter each other because of their essential characteristics. Can dig deeper to come up with the best strategies for you.

Evolve to be stronger

The beasts that you own will be able to be upgraded for a greater goal. You will start farming from large eggs and wait for them to hatch into animals. Then you will proceed to raise them to grow up over time and become stronger. There are three main developmental patterns: neonatal, intermediate, and full-grown. Their form will change according to those three forms and look extremely powerful. The cost of raising these animals is not cheap at all, and you must maintain the necessary amount of resources to feed them. Turn them into powerful predators that help your army.

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Explore the world

After completing the required levels on the current island, you will be able to lock another island. Continue your hunting journey and expand your territory even more. On each island, there will be different animals living around it. Moreover, other tribes are stronger and more dangerous than before. Along with that, you will have to find ways to upgrade the combat power of the units in your team. Make them as strong as or more powerful than their enemies to increase their chances of victory. Hunt larger animals to bring back abundant food for all the people living in the tribe. Dominate all the different islands in the ocean.

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Create a collection

Every time you defeat a monster, you will get a whole skeleton of them. This skeleton can be brought to the tribal museum and contained therein. Create unique templates that can’t be found anywhere else. This is also a mark of the achievements that you have achieved. The more exotic animals you defeat, the more prosperous the collection is every day, from many dinosaurs to the most dangerous predators. All will soon become part of your collection. Show off the proud abilities your tribe has achieved.

Download now Age of Caves: Idle Primitive mod and experience the unique features it will bring. You will undoubtedly be pleased with what you can find.

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