AFK Dungeon MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense Multiplier) 1.1.52

Updated 06/01/2024 (4 months ago)
NameAFK Dungeon APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/Defense Multiplier
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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AFK Dungeon MOD APK detail?

Menu mod

Introduce MOD APK AFK Dungeon

One of the strategy games where you don’t have to spend time ploughing the character. That is AFK Dungeon. As the name implies, this game will allow you to upgrade the strength of the warriors and collect resources even when not in the game. An excellent condition for your squad to stay strong. Just enter the game and be ready to fight any monster. Combine items, skills, formations to create the strongest champion heroes. There is no need to invest brainpower and take a lot of time, and you need to download and wait for the precious thing to come to you.

Although players can earn more resources and experience while AFK, AFK Dungeon still requires a particular strategy from you; without this, you will very quickly lose essential battles. For the first time, there is a game that does not focus on the power of equipment and skills. Instead, it is the player who is the winning factor of the game. Make AFK Dungeon more popular and unique than other names. Without its development, perhaps the concept of idleness in the game is still too far away.

AFK Dungeon mod

Download AFK Dungeon mod – Dominate everything with just your fingers

The world of AFK Dungeon is an endless dungeon system with no way out. Here, warriors show their strength by fighting with many forces. In the process, players will support them by providing equipment and skills to increase the warrior’s power. Killing monsters will cause them to drop many valuable items and gold, and we use gold units to buy and sell items or equipment. Different cards represent the heroes that will accompany you. The battle in the dungeon will never end. Your limit is where you fall.

Games presented on a vertical screen can feel cramped, but 3D graphics can fill that shortcoming. Your warrior will display specific skills under the screen and click on them to cast and deal damage to monsters. When you defeat a monster, you will immediately move to the next floor, and a stronger boss is waiting for you. Would you mind arranging the bag to be able to receive money and equipment for battle?

AFK Dungeon mod free

Collect the primary source of power

What makes the heroes stronger is the collection of different weapons. Maybe you are already familiar with many kinds of equipment such as swords, bows, magic staff, armour… Each weapon has its unique stats and power. If you combine many weapons, they will form an equipment set. Raise the stats and add any effect. For example, the impact of burning or healing continuously, creating an invincible shield. Depending on how lucky you are to make or find an essential item. Use them smartly with heroes to amplify their maximum power.

AFK Dungeon mod apk

A formidable companion

They are monsters that support and follow you from the moment you fight until the moment you fall. They are not humans but come from many different races. The most powerful and popular are dragons with many unique elements. Each card represents a support creature for the player. Your level must be high to collect powerful creatures. Accompanying legendary dragons, elemental spirits, wandering ghosts, many high-level animals will bring a certain strength to the player. Rarity and class are also an indicator of their power.

AFK Dungeon mod apk free

Get your friends to raid

AFK Dungeon may be an idle game, but it won’t be a game you have to play alone. Online mode has always been a frequent destination for many veteran players. Create clans of friends to roam the dungeons together. Challenge the coordination to create the maximum power of many heroes. Trade essential items to evolve or upgrade equipment. There are many attractive game modes for online players. The most interesting is probably the confrontation with unfamiliar players. Compete to see who is the real lord of the actual dungeon. The rewards of these events can’t help but get you excited.

AFK Dungeon free

Although very simple and without many unique interfaces, AFK Dungeon still won the hearts of players with many exciting features and unique game modes. Give players the freedom to create their heroes. Show strength to your friends and the world. Bringing everything from simple to complex and classy is the style of the AFK Dungeon mod.

How to Download & Install AFK Dungeon MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense Multiplier) for Android


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