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Updated 05/07/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameACR Phone APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Pro
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Introduce MOD APK ACR Phone

The first purpose for the Phone to be born was to contact people no matter where they are, so this is the top factor that is always exciting users. No matter how modern and pleasing a phone is, having the default Phone app inefficiently is not suitable for long-term use. However, this can be improved entirely by downloading the ACR Phone app; users will have the best communication experience ever. This is an application that can optimize communication on users’ smartphones. If the default Phone does not satisfy all of the user’s needs, don’t worry because ACR Phone can improve them.

Everything users want in a communication application can be found at ACR Phone; with a clean and neat interface, users will indeed be attracted by the elegant design of the application. With the criteria of prioritizing user experience, ACR Phone promises to be a communication application that will bring users unique features. Let’s see what makes this app different from other communication apps!

ACR Phone mod android free

Download ACR Phone mod – Enjoy a brand new communication app

ACR Phone is a dialer that can be used as an alternative to the default Phone app on the user’s device. It brings a lot of valuable features and is constantly improving to get unique experiences to users. ACR Phone is more than entirely different from traditional dialers; countless tools help improve the user’s communication quality, and conversations will be incredibly smooth and without obstacles. This application can identify spam contacts and prevent them from disturbing the user. Not only that, but the security issue is also critical; it does not arbitrarily access the applications on the user’s device without permission and ensures that all vital data is never leaked. Rust.

ACR Phone mod android

Prioritize user privacy

For ACR Phone, the privacy and security of user data is always a top priority; it promises to bring users an extremely secure communication application that never leaks. Leak personal information. ACR Phone only requires access to the applications necessary for optimal operation, but users can provide access. For example, the application will request access to the user’s contacts to improve or upgrade the function, and even if the user does not grant access permission, it will not affect the use of the ACR Phone. Not only that, but this application also can prevent sensitive information, such as call logs and contact details on the user’s device, from being revealed to the outside.

ACR Phone mod

Save essential calls and block spam

ACR Phone will help users create copies of important phone data on their devices and upload them to the cloud. All contacts added to the phonebook, call history, and list of blocked phone numbers can be easily exported and re-imported, even if the user has to change it suddenly or accidentally. If you lose your mobile device, don’t worry. In addition, this application can identify spam messages and prevent them from appearing to disturb users. With ACR Phone, users can freely add as many contacts to the blocklist as they want, choose directly from the call log contact list, or manually enter the number.

ACR Phone mod apk

Many attractive features

ACR Phone provides users with a secure and comfortable communication experience that can be used as a replacement for the default Phone app on the device. Unlike the Phone on the user’s device, ACR Phone has many unique features that can optimize the communication process for the user. These features include making picture and video calls, making and receiving SIP calls over 3G or Wifi, using an auto-dialer to reach busy lines, and leaving voice messages quickly. Or listening to voicemails sent by others, recording conversations, reporting contact details, changing language flexibly, backup essential data and securely storing it in the cloud, absolutely confidential information of users, and reading aloud the name and number of the caller.

ACR Phone mod apk free

Download ACR Phone mod to experience a modern dialer and many attractive features to improve the call quality of users.

How to Download & Install ACR Phone MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) for Android


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