200 DAYS Zombie Apocalypse MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.1.14

Updated 07/10/2023 (9 months ago)
Name200 DAYS Zombie Apocalypse APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
200 DAYS Zombie Apocalypse MOD APK detail?

You need to spend to get more coins and diamonds.

Introduce MOD APK 200 DAYS Zombie Apocalypse

200 DAYS Zombie Apocalypse joins the war with zombies; the demons are invading this earth. This place used to be so beautiful; the trees sprouted like any other planet. But one dark day came, appeared a scary virus that infected people, turning them into zombies. They infected from one person to another, so it spread and turned the whole large land into ruin. Zombies need human blood to survive; they crave the taste of humans. Whenever anyone passed by them, they rushed forward to destroy people. It’s scary, and you are James, the survivor of the zombie hordes, assist him in bringing them down, putting the world back in order.

Zombies have caused enormous damage, making the place where you live always filled with darkness. Everyone has turned into monsters; no one is sane enough to recognize themselves. Only you have the ability of a human to help them. From a small farm, find and gather a living army to fight the zombie team. Because this disease spreads very quickly, you will also become one of the cannibals if you do not act in time. The intense war between humans and zombies begins, the fieriest encounter in human history.

200 DAYS Zombie Apocalypse mod apk

Download 200 DAYS Zombie Apocalypse mod – survive in the scary zombie world

The game’s name has expressed the destruction of zombies and 200 days of endless fighting. The world’s end will come closer if you can’t stand them. Unexpectedly, in an instant, the whole world became so shabby; looking around only saw monsters. Their dense density makes you afraid, and it is tricky to find a space to stand. So you have to find places on the ground and launch bullets from afar to destroy them. Thus, you will keep a distance from zombies; it will take more time for them to get closer to you. So while they move, they shoot bullets continuously, bringing the gun in many directions to destroy the root.

200 DAYS Zombie Apocalypse apk

Confrontation with zombie bosses

In 200 DAYS Zombie Apocalypse, the spread of zombies is swift and comprehensive. At first, only a few people turned into monsters, but gradually they bit each other, and the disease spread quickly, making this whole farm full of zombies. The dreaded virus has proven its power, destruction, and desire to rule the world. The later this virus is ingrained in the victims, the more it will spread. That’s why zombie bosses are so powerful, they’re huge, and it’s as if they could swallow the whole planet. So you will have to deal with a giant zombie force at every higher level. Adapt gradually, preserving the lives of yourself and your teammates against possible dangers.

200 DAYS Zombie Apocalypse

Gather teammates to fight together

When the army of zombies is constantly attacking you, you have no choice but to rush forward despite all dangers to save this world and protect your comrades. To gather survivors, you must first accumulate assets while fighting alone. The rest of your friends like Tom, Cindy, Jack and many more will support you. The condition of the agreement between you and them is money. Nothing is more precious than solidarity and numbers, and you will be more successful when you have someone to help you. Everything will become easier as long as there is money and ability, including people.

200 DAYS Zombie Apocalypse mod

Collect offensive weapons

The guns and cannons will go to battle in turn, and the ultimate weapon needs to be collected by you. You and the zombie will be separated in two halves with a solid fence. But if you do not kill the zombies that appear, there is a high chance that the siege will be destroyed. The higher the level, the higher your tower will be, divided into floors. Each floor contains its comrades, who use weapons to bring down the dungeon. An array of gun players together perform the task, at the same time emitting quality bullets. Bows and arrows, AK guns, and magic will be expensive names for you to own. For the zombie boss, you need multiple cannons to conquer it.

200 DAYS Zombie Apocalypse android

Zombies are gradually destroying human civilization; you need immediate relief. 200 DAYS Zombie Apocalypse brings challenges and noble missions to the whole world. The fate of the people being invaded by a terrible virus is in your hands. Good decision or failure affects them and their teammates, and you. Try to maintain life for everyone, and exclude zombies from the planet. Reinforcing the farm you live on, giving many friends a chance to live. Download 200 DAYS Zombie Apocalypse mod into the battle with zombies, erase the world’s apocalypse but everything in their orbit.

How to Download & Install 200 DAYS Zombie Apocalypse MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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