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Updated 26/09/2023 (8 hours ago)
NameZombie War APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce Zombie War MOD APK

Imagine what it would be like if you woke up one morning to find that you were living in the same world with a herd of giant cannibals. They were born after a global pandemic. The number of zombies does not stop increasing every minute. Those are bloodthirsty monsters, dangerous man-eating zombies. Wouldn’t it be scary? How can we survive their violent and dangerous pursuit?

Based on that plot, ONESOFT has released a game called Zombie War. Although just released in early January 2021, the game has attracted the attention of gamers. Only in the first days of release, the number of downloads Zombie War was more than 100,000 times. Zombie War promises to bring an extremely interesting experience for gamers who love fighting games. True to the game, players will be joining the battle with the evil Zombie legion. In addition, Soccer Kick and Game of Evolution are also entertaining games. With different gameplay, you should also try to explore it to have the most relaxing moment.
Zombie War mod apk

Mod version Zombie War

  • Unlimited money. (No decrease when spending)
  • No ads. (When unlocking heroes, turrets)

Download Zombie War mod – survive the group of bloodthirsty Zombies

The city where you live is no longer peaceful after the pandemic. Zombies began to proliferate and grow rapidly, threatening the life of the whole city. Humans face danger before the madness and bloodthirsty of zombies. In such difficult circumstances, you are forced to stand up to fight monsters to survive. Zombie War is a combination of many types of game. Players will play the role of brave warriors to fight bloodthirsty zombies, You can also challenge other warriors to win the throne.

Zombie War mod free

Flexible play mode

Zombie War is a shooter with 2 game modes for gamers to choose from. Players can turn on auto mode to challenge automatic battles. In this mode, you will destroy the herd of Zombies by touching the moving Zombies. The stinger will be aimed at the target to take down. This game mode is suitable for beginners to play Zombie War. And when you get used to the game, you can choose to freely control the gun. You must use the ingenuity and acumen of your hands to navigate the barrel of your gun. Must be very precise and fast, otherwise, the player will be eaten by the Zombie. Guns are the most important weapon, and you can also take advantage of other items by dragging and dropping into the Zombie to increase attack power.

Diverse missions

Zombie War provides more than 100 different missions. Players are free to test their abilities. Each mission is of different difficulty levels. Players must know how to distribute and use reasonable tactics to overcome. Completing the task is not easy at all. But after each mission completed you will get the loot. These are items that help support and strengthen your strength. Players also have to constantly upgrade weapons as well as build a strong defense army. Hero army will be equipped with unique skills to be able to defeat the zombie herd.

Zombie War mod android

Extensive arsenal

In Zombie War the characters are divided into 2 factions. On one side is the legion of zombies representing evil. One side is the Hero army that represents the side against evil. Between the two sides will take place a fierce battle to win. Zombie War offers an extremely diverse arsenal. A lot of different types of guns such as pistols, pistols, machine guns … fiery battles, choking battles appear in Zombie War. Zombie’s form is also very diverse, they come from all sides, appearing everywhere. Can be mentioned as Zombie nurse, bodyguard, chef … The variety in this form makes Zombie War become more lively and eye-catching, more attractive.

Zombie War mod download

Winning collect more gems, increase coins

In Zombie War, after each victory, items will be collected. These are gems and coins. Players can use gems to aid in battle. Or you can use earned coins to buy more weapons. The bigger your arsenal is, the more fighting power of the Hero army is. The stronger your stronghold is. This feature makes players more excited, motivates players to fight more enthusiastically. The game also has a rich map design that changes between battles. Gamers will not be bored, bored with the background of the game.

Zombie War mod max

Zombie War is an apocalyptic shooting game for Android. With eye-catching design plus excellent image quality. Zombie War gives players dramatic and engaging battles. Players will have interesting experiences. Are you ready to enter the world of the apocalypse and fight the threat of survival from the zombie horde? Download Zombie War mod and try your hand at the gun battle to destroy the zombies, regain the peace of the city.

How to Download & Install Zombie War MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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2. Click download and wait for the file to download to your device.
3. Install and enjoy


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