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PublisherMaxim Karpenko
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WorldBox is a game that gives you the ability to rebuild entire life ecosystems on Earth. You will have limitless power. re-establish life and decide the fate of all animals here. The terrain, the ratio of land to water as well as the map are based on reality. However, players will be able to change everything on their own. You can let the world be controlled by forces other than humans. Players have the final decisive role, meaning that all activities on the planet can interfere. WorldBox has attracted millions of players with the same number of positive reviews.

Sowing life or destruction, you all have those possibilities. The player can let certain creatures thrive and try to destroy them in many different ways. Make the Earth partially darkened with an atom bomb or other tool on the drop-down list. WorldBox gives players new knowledge such as melting the soil with acid rain. Survival is in the hands of the player, you can witness the operation of all species from afar. Intervene when you feel it is necessary or you want to show your dominance.

WorldBox mod

Download WorldBox mod – Reset the Earth your way

Sandbox genre is often loved by players, not only that, but WorldBox is also combined with Indie. Revert order in the world through this engaging arcade simulation game. Go back millions of years when there was no life here. What would you like to change? Who will be the animals with the first and most influential lives? Of course, I don’t mean you. Developing civilization from scratch, building traffic system, roads and many other works. Watch life and watch the competition between the forces. Even plants are not as peaceful as you might think. There is always competition, competition with each other even the smallest creatures.

WorldBox mod download

World construction

Perhaps it is a bit difficult for me to describe your role properly. We often say that God or God are mysterious forces that truly have the power and determine everything in the way mankind works. You have the same ability, no matter how fierce life downstairs, you have the right to end it. While allowing life to take place normally, it is also easy to put an end to itself. Let animals like sheep, wolves, dwarves, zombies, and other creatures can live here. Just like what you have learned, life goes through a period from primitive to modern. Roads and traffic have been gradually improved over time.

WorldBox mod apk

Many choices

WorldBox has many options for players to change the original layout of the Earth. You can make a colourful, heart-shaped continent just the way you want. WorldBox does not need to remain in its original state. As said before, apart from life like the appearance of animals and plants, you can create destruction. Bombs, volcanoes, meteors, geysers and countless other options for players to have enjoyable experiences. Developing it from scratch and then wiping out everything is also pretty fun.

Pixel graphics

Using Pixel blocks as graphics, the WorldBox divides relatively clear areas by specific colours. The game has a classic direction, optimized lightweight, so it is compatible with almost all types of devices. You do not spend too much time installing this game, it is even very fast. Get creative to build your own world of colour.

WorldBox mod android

WorldBox is a game that allows players to play the role of a god. With unlimited power, you can easily create an arbitrary game mode that changes the behaviour of mankind. Go back to the ancestral past and restore order, build ecosystems again. Download WorldBox mod, whatever you choose, has a great influence on this planet.

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