This Is the Police MOD APK (Unlimited money)

Updated 22/04/2022 (1 year ago)
NameThis Is the Police APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce This Is the Police MOD APK

This Is the Police with you to uncover the hidden things in searching for a crime. Have you ever wanted to become a police detective and be respected by everyone? Dangers can lurk around you at any time while on duty. Thrilling investigations, formidable criminals out there, how will you handle? Challenge with This Is the Police, you play the role of a police chief to find the criminals in the shortest time. So are you ready to fight, even sacrifice to solve the case successfully? Confidence and passion for the police profession will help you do well this time.

No police investigation will go smoothly. The more you solve large-scale cases, the more you will prove yourself as a police officer. It would help if you found the critical clues combined with logical reasoning to solve the issue successfully. You have to face the tricks and tricks of criminals. Unexpected situations can happen, sometimes causing you to fail in the course of your mission. Are you confident that you are a brave police chief, doing well in the role of the leader? Show your courage and intelligence in every task in This Is the Police.

This Is the Police mod

Download This Is the Police mod – complete the mission of a sheriff

In this simulation game, you will play as Jack Boyd, the sheriff of the Freeburg Police Department. Players will directly participate in in-depth crime stories. You will have 180 days to collect $500,000 if enough you complete the assigned challenge. This time helps Jack Boyd earn enough money to retire on time. Whatever decision you make, your actions affect his career. Your task is to handle all the challenges and functions given daily. Simultaneously manage your team, and coordinate with them to successfully solve the case.

This Is the Police apk

Cases happen in a row

Those 180 days are equivalent to 180 cases that need you to solve. This Is the Police sets out simulations of investigations, what a sheriff must do. Urgent situations require you to handle issues that appear in the newspaper every morning. You will enter the different contexts of each point in the multicolored city. Every day is a challenge, new cases open up one after another as you complete the previous day’s quest. The open investigation will challenge the talent of a police chief.

This Is the Police mod apk

Various types of people in the game

You will interact with many people, each with a unique style. They can be allies to help you overcome challenges or plot to harm you. Be alert to distinguish all those people, being careful is imperative right now. Only your teammates are really by your side when solving cases. They will have their characteristics and functions, which are clearly stated when introduced. It would be best to be careful in how you look at people to choose the right candidate for each case. If you put them in the right place, catch and handle the criminal; otherwise, you will fail. Look at the people around you, accurately assessing the things or plots they intend to do with you.

This Is the Police android

Earn enough money according to the original goal

Before retiring, Jack Boyd still had to work at total capacity as a sheriff. Consecutive criminals cause small to severe cases, constantly challenging the player. You need to collect evidence and clues related to those criminal groups. From successful cases, you will receive a reward worth the effort. In addition, each time you encounter competitive forces, you will also have the opportunity to acquire vast amounts of money. Please find out the bad guys and deal with them to solve the case, it’s up to you. Accumulate as much money as you can so you can retire on schedule.

This Is the Police apk free

This honestly creates a series of fascinating stories, Is the Police. Duke Nukem’s unique narration will help you quickly catch up with the situation. Simulation videos of Jack Boyd’s working process will also be incorporated. How will you solve the case? How will you answer reporters’ questions about each case? Everything you do must think in the interests of Jack Boyd. His fate is in your hands, do your best for mutual benefit. Download This Is the Police mod to become super police chief and retire on time. Let’s look forward to your challenging performance in this game.

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