ROBLOX MOD APK (Menu, God mode, Hack jump, fly) 2.568.524

Updated on 28/03/2023 (3 days ago)
MOD Infomation

Recommended to use a sub-account to avoid getting banned!

V1 Mod Menu

[Player menu]
– Hack the wall
- Immortal
- Move
– Teleport [touch the wall]
– Explosion mode
– Temporary players when jumping
– Get out of prison
- Earn your enemies laggy
– Hope Dolls
- Go backward
– Remove walking animation
– Close the screen

[Fly & Jump Menu]
- Fly
– Jump many times
– Low jump
– Normal dance
- High jump
- Jump mega
– Jump in the sky

[Speed menu]
- Forward speed
– Reverse speed

[World menu]
- Dark mode
– Increase map lighting
– Cham
– Cham v2
- X-ray

[Map color]
– Red map
– Green map
– Green map
– Purple map
– Golden map


  • God Mode (Immunity to some damage)
  • Jump cheat
  • Slider Jump Height
  • HDR Graphic
  • Stamina
  • Fly
  • Pass Through Walls (grants immunity to some environmental hazards)
  • Lock Camera POV
  • Night Mode
  • Troll features

V3: Mod Menu

  1. Jump cheat
  2. Slider Jump Height
  3. Fly
  4. Pass Through Walls (grants immunity to some environmental hazards)
  5. Troll features

V4 Mod Menu

  • Ghostmode
  • Fly
  • Change map color
  • Characters unchanged
  • Rabbit
  • Infinite Stamina
  • More features...

Note: Currently, there are many websites that provide fake mods such as hack robux Roblox, or 999,999 robux mod VIP, blox fruit. You need to be careful not to be taken advantage of by the bad guys.

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Slow download speed?

Install and set up the settings, choose one of the 2 options as shown below, then turn on the connection and then perform the download again.

Cant login when using MOD?

  • With Facebook, you just need to delete the Facebook application and then go to the game to log in again.
  • If you sign in via Google, you need to Root. (Not recommended)

Banned for using MODs?

Using the MOD can get you banned, which is something you have to accept with some online games. However, you can use a secondary account or play multiple accounts side-by-side with Parallel Space Pro.

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