OS Monitor: Tasks Monitor MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) 1.23

Updated on 02/06/2023 (6 days ago)
NameOS Monitor: Tasks Monitor APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Pro
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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You want an advanced task monitoring tool specifically for smartphones. We can call it OS Monitor: Tasks Monitor. A complete system developed by many experts. It will count and evaluate the specifications and operations of the smartphone. From there, create a chart to review the smartphone’s status. Inside the phone is a lot of essential data and resources. You need to monitor them carefully. Otherwise, it will be very troublesome when something goes wrong. And any abnormality from phone data will be detected and handled by OS Monitor: Tasks Monitor.

Usually, simple applications will not help you understand too much about smartphone data. OS Monitor: Tasks Monitor does the opposite as it even notifies you of those activities. Regardless of the primary or advanced activities, they are notified again. So you will control your phone easier. Hardware and software will be fully monitored to cover the phone inside and out comprehensively. Much more critical stuff exists inside OS Monitor: Tasks Monitor. You should download it now to learn how to use and protect your smartphone more effectively.

OS Monitor Tasks Monitor mod

Download OS Monitor: Tasks Monitor mod – Check your phone through activities

OS Monitor: Tasks Monitor can replace both software and hardware management applications. So you don’t need to download two different apps anymore. Just OS Monitor: Tasks Monitor is more than enough for smartphone activities to be managed effectively. Depending on each part, they will have different operation and operation histories to check. However, all are still scientifically arranged in a specific order of importance. Tap items to check their performance. Battery consumption, capacity consumed, average measurement graph… All are full for you to review and decide whether to keep the space-consuming apps or not.

OS Monitor Tasks Monitor mod apk

Monitor battery activity

The battery is one of the parts that should get the most attention. Because smartphone applications and operations influence their performance and durability, take a close look at your battery for overload or loss of power. The leading cause may be the background activities of many high-memory applications. Please limit their use for a long time to maximize battery life. The graph of battery consumption shown on the screen represents its quality at the moment. By viewing them, you can consider changing the battery of your smartphone.

OS Monitor Tasks Monitor mod apk free

Data counting and caching

Applications always manage two primary data. One is the data available when downloading the application. The rest is the cached data. They are spawned during that application’s activities. Like when you use or run these applications in the background. In the long run, if it accumulates for a long time in a smartphone, it will significantly affect its operation and speed. The smartphone will be very slow and often laggy for complex processes. When using a few applications, they will be overloaded and exit immediately. This makes clearing caches even more critical.

OS Monitor Tasks Monitor mod free

Read error detection file

Downloading an app means downloading hundreds of thousands of files to your smartphone. Sometimes we also can’t know precisely if the file has malicious code or not. The proc file reader inside OS Monitor: Tasks Monitor will assist you. Scans through files when an application is downloaded. It will detect errors or malicious code in the application you have downloaded file. Then notify you immediately to warn you to delete it. If you still want to keep it, OS Monitor: Tasks Monitor will bring out the harm you can anticipate.

OS Monitor Tasks Monitor free

Checking smartphone activity is the task of many popular smartphone management applications. Sometimes poor-quality applications will not be practical and reliable. OS Monitor: Tasks Monitor mod is the complete opposite and deserves you to entrust the work to it.

Download OS Monitor: Tasks Monitor MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) for Android

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