Duolingo MOD APK (Premium unlocked) 5.131.8

Updated 08/12/2023 (2 days ago)
NameDuolingo APK
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Duolingo

As you know the importance of English, right? It has become the second most spoken language in the world. Is a compulsory subject in schools. That is why people have understood the need for this subject. Duolingo is a quality English learning app. Bring good lessons and good ways to learn. Helps you to quickly acquire and have a good knowledge base. You will have highly effective learning styles. It is no different when going to study centers. Duolingo has always provided the core foundation of English. For you to learn and capture knowledge. Quickly be able to use English like a native.

In addition to English, Duolingo offers many other languages ​​as well. In terms of English, Duolingo offers many lectures. Let you learn by yourself and still know a lot of knowledge. Duolingo is like an English teacher to you. Help you correct mistakes, know new knowledge. Users will be more confident in communication. Can speak fluently with foreigners. No longer feel shy when speaking English. Gives you good communication skills. No need to specialize in teaching English anymore. Just by studying with Duolingo, your English skills will improve day by day.

Duolingo mod

Download Duolingo mod – Learn English with general knowledge

Duolingo provides an important knowledge base. Helps you to learn a lot of new content and words. This is a very useful learning tool. It is essential for those who want to study English. Especially for those who do not have time, this will be a perfect choice. Every day you spend some free time and learn Duolingo. Your English will also improve, your communication skills will be better. If you are looking for an effective English learning application, don’t miss out on Duolingo! Thousands of knowledge are waiting for you to receive. Quality teaching lessons for you to more easily understand.

Duolingo mod free

Study free

Studying through Duolingo is completely free. You will not spend any money when studying. With a free app and very full of general knowledge. It would be a pity if you didn’t choose Duolingo! Free to study while still offering quality courses. So what are you waiting for that you don’t learn? The most effective and quality learning app. Let’s learn more than 30 other languages ​​if you want. Free language learning app with a variety of languages. Gives users new knowledge about languages.

Duolingo mod android


Duolingo will also offer training exercises. After each new lesson, the exercises will help you consolidate your knowledge. Test your language skills by yourself. Know the mistakes when doing the test. From there you will remember more and no more. For you to use English correctly. Application with a lot of different exercises. Let learners do their homework without getting bored. Offers many interesting ways to learn. Many types of exercises cause excitement and passion to learn. While studying and still have a comfortable spirit. Do not feel constrained when studying, so it will help you absorb the knowledge in the best way.

Knowledge system

Including quality lectures, providing a full range of knowledge. From the most basic to advanced lessons. Vocabulary groups are also divided by Duolingo according to topics. For learners to easily and easily remember. Thousands of different vocabulary. For you to learn and quickly use in communication. Every day, learn about the topics in Duolingo. You will also learn many new words, quickly making sentences. In addition, the app also helps you communicate more fluently. Listening and speaking skills are improving day by day. Fix and help you pronounce intonation standard. Synthesize many English knowledge and skills.

Duolingo mod apk

Duolingo is one of those apps that offer ways to learn English. Bringing many lectures and knowledge systems. Helping you to speak English more quickly and fluently. Be more confident with your proficiency and speak English. Improve listening and speaking skills more and more steadily. Download the Duolingo mod using English like a native!

How to Download & Install Duolingo MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android


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1 year ago

Notifications aren’t working in the last version

1 year ago

Why is there no V2 mod for the Duolingo app anymore for the recent update?

Aryan Joy
Aryan Joy
1 year ago

Why is there no V2 mod for the Duolingo app anymore for the recent update?
Could you please, give me a solution? The V2 mod is awesome.

1 year ago

The latest Duolingo doesn’t give you double XP. 5.58.4 freezes a lot and the 5.58.0 doesn’t give double xp.