Bionix MOD APK 53.11 (Unlimited money, unlocked)

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NameBionix APK
PublisherJust For Fun Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, unlocked
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Have you ever wondered how the world of small things would work? Bionix will be the place to give you a more comprehensive view of this micro-world. Bacteria, phagocytes, or other small things will now have to join the fight. Destroy each other to become more and more developed and stronger. Crush every opponent and progress to challenge more terrible things. These bacteria are no different from glory-hungry beasts.

Usually, microscopic creatures appear only in books and documents. But the developer Just For Fun Games came up with a unique idea. That is to bring these things to create a game of survival. Now you can be one of those little creatures. Being in a world recreated just like in real life. Feel the most realistic and smooth movements during gameplay.

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Download Bionix mod – Participate in fierce battles

Bacteria are born with their own will and determination. That desire to live is expressed by the will to fight and survive in wars. You’ll get your bacteria to the top of the food chain. Show others which is the master of this microscopic world. Use the move button in combination with skills to unleash the power of bacteria. Turn these creatures into a real fighting machine. The more enemies you kill, the more you can absorb food. The size through which also gradually increases and can eat larger opponents. The chances of getting to the top of a food chain are also very high if you have a strategy.

Your bacteria will have an energy bar and an HP bar. If the HP bar is exhausted, you will be destroyed. Don’t take too much damage from surrounding enemies. When using skills, your mana bar will decrease. It can take a while to cool down and can continue to use skills.

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More than 50 different creatures

Organisms in Bionix are numerous and divided into distinct species. Each has its own strengths and a unique shape. All are simulated according to what is in reality. You can unlock these creatures with the coins you earn. Some will bring tremendous speed, and some have huge sizes, have long tentacles to catch prey,… With such advantages, you can choose and diversify your playstyle. Come up with good tactics from their unusual properties and become powerful at lightning speed. Gain huge advantages to dominate them all easily.

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Selection of mutant ability

The potential of each creature is limitless, and it needs to be exploited optimally. When you reach a new level, you will unlock an optional skill. These skills give your creature a remarkable ability. Increases basic stats like attack power, movement speed, healing, or size. There are a total of 15 levels corresponding to 15 different skills. When the limit is reached, your strength will become almost invincible. Can sweep everything around in a straightforward way. It’s easy to make others oppressed and frightened by your madness. Don’t stop eating to develop your amazing abilities.

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Customize your creature

Before fighting, you can customize your creatures with the necessary things—for example, round, flattened appearance, or certain special patterns. Choose which genotypes you want it to develop in terms of strength or speed. The specific tentacle phenotypes carried by these bacteria also need to be addressed. You can research and research to get a customized result just the way you want it. If you can’t choose, you can let the system choose randomly. Random creatures sometimes make a great difference to you. Your warrior will be created and controlled by you.

When connected to the internet, you can participate in fierce ranked matches. There will be opponents who are other players from all over the world. You can’t predict the strength of these players. The system will randomly arrange a certain number of people into the match. Win to be able to accumulate a certain number of points. In Bionix mod, the higher the rank, the better players you will meet. They will show you how vast and dangerous this world is.

Download Bionix MOD APK (Unlimited money, unlocked) for Android

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