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Hotel Empire Tycoon 1.3.0 (MOD Unlimited Money): Build your own hotel

by Thuỷ Dương


Hotel Empire Tycoon – Idle Game Manager Simulator is a charming hotel management game. You are tested for the lowest role to the key positions in the management. Hotel Empire Tycoon has a system full of infrastructure to color to make players overwhelmed. Do you dream of taking over a hotel? Experience accumulated through each position for you to meet the advanced requirements. If in the position of the customer you want good service every time you rest, the service people must always try their best.

Hotel Empire Tycoon APK (MOD Ulimited Money) you will have more conditions to build a large hotel. Every aspect of a hotel you need to experience in this game. In the hotel management category, there are many different games, but Hotel Empire Tycoon still stands out in a unique way. From a small business can you make it thrive? The extremely good working environment here is always fair for everyone to help them develop their strengths.

The dream of building a hotel come true

Download Hotel Empire Tycoon – Manage your hotel your way

The player is a true operator with a professional style. Do not focus on an area where you have to manage all areas such as finance, human resources, services, entertainment … Codigames publishers always know how to create their own attractions with the Player. Tasks are always organized into a series of tasks that you need to perform. First, players need to have good enough infrastructure, such as clean rooms, fully furnished. Next will be the services from entertainment to dining. Put your position on a fastidious guest you will win in the game Hotel Empire Tycoon with absolute scores.

A sharp and quick mindset is always needed in a game that requires clear computation. You have to spend smart to bring good profits and retain customers. It’s hard to say in detail, but when it’s done, it’s not that complicated. Rest assured if you do not understand how to play, then through the suggestions you will soon master.

Full Money mod for players to buy free items

Many things you will get when playing games are not just relaxing. Hotel Empire Tycoon gives players more scientific time management in each activity. When you know how to spend your time, you soon have your own success. Focusing on small areas of work will bring great perfection to everyone. You don’t need to be in a hurry like other games because here we need calm.

Highlights of Hotel Empire Tycoon

  • Players are hotel management comprehensive development in all aspects.
  • Full work system with the scale of international standard hotel.
  • Images combine sound extremely fun.
  • Building good service retain customers.
  • Set up an impressive team of staff with excellent quality and attitude.
  • MOD feature: Unlimited money, feel free to use.

Update of the new version

  • Add new hotel Arabian Nights Resort.
  • A 5-star rating for each room and specific service.
  • Added support for Korean language.
  • Add swiping feature on both sides to select rooms.
  • Notice when the room is dirty, the room is not available.

Play the role of an important hotel service provider for you. Hotel Empire Tycoon is currently improving with each version thanks to the player’s contribution. Therefore, do not hesitate to send comments immediately to the publisher. Download Hotel Empire Tycoon MOD you are always comfortable spending to turn the hotel into a big brand. Test your management skills right away!



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